Aggreko launches remote monitoring tools

By Helen Wright06 May 2016

Temporary power provider Aggreko has introduced remote monitoring technology for its customers in the UK and Ireland.

It said Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) represented the next step in the evolution of its equipment diagnostics technology, offering comprehensive, real-time remote equipment monitoring services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ARM uses GPRS technology to transmit real-time data from its smart generators to diagnostics software, providing information to maximise the equipment’s efficiency and runtime whilst at customer sites.

At the heart of the new service is Aggreko’s Remote Operations Centre (ROC), where a 15-strong team of highly experienced service engineers proactively monitor equipment, round the clock, and activate an immediate, coordinated service response as and when required.

By evaluating equipment data in real time, Aggreko engineers can either immediately correct an issue remotely, or if required, dispatch a local service engineer to site with a full understanding of the issue.

By proactively identifying and correcting issues before they develop, and informing proactive service and maintenance schedules, ARM helps prevent potential power interruptions, often without any disruption to the customer.

“Our specialist engineers continuously monitor our generator fleet, keeping watch for issues regarding maintenance, fuel levels, loads, run hours or any other warning signs,” said Chris Rason, Aggreko sales and marketing director for Northern Europe. “This allows for a personalised response and a rapid resolution to any potential issue.

“We’re thrilled to bring this service to our UK and Irish customers. ARM allows Aggreko to have full visibility of performance conditions to save customers from downtime and unanticipated costs. ARM gives customers peace of mind that we’re watching over their equipment to ensure its optimum performance, allowing them to focus on critical operations.”

A recent test phase saw a utility provider experience a drop in battery voltage on a 1250kVA generator, one of ten the company hired for back-up during essential emergency works at a substation.

Aggreko said ARM picked up the drop and transmitted the data to Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring Centre, where engineers alerted a local engineer to perform a proactive site visit to fully recharge the battery. As a result the customer’s generator remained operational and so prevented a potential loss of power and the associated costs.

In addition to service response benefits, ARM also has a number of further advantages. Using statistical data captured by ARM, the Aggreko team is able to fine-tune equipment specifications, using load profiling to ensure the optimum-sized equipment for the job and provide customers with maximum value for money.

In addition, customers are able to request reports on their equipment’s run-time, performance and fuel usage, improving transparency of information and KPI reporting.

Ideal for multi-site and remote locations, ARM will also constantly map the location of all Aggreko generators, giving an overview of a customer’s fleet on hire and improving its security.

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