Aggreko offers 3D tour of its big projects

13 January 2020

Temporary power specialist Aggreko has created an interactive 3D tour to demonstrate its expertise in powering large-scale projects and events.


Screen shot of the 2019 Rugby World Cup 3D model in Aggreko’s new interactive tour

The immersive experience of the full process, from generation to transmission, gives viewers an insight into the complexity of the solutions required to supply uninterrupted power to large projects.

“Supporting a project of scale requires complex infrastructure and meticulous planning to ensure the delivery of reliable, flexible power,” the company said in a statement. Aggreko has developed this capability over decades of working in the industry.

The first project available on the 3D tour is the 2019 Rugby World Cup, which took place in Tokyo, Japan.

Aggreko provided a total of 32.5MVA of electricity to power the 12 match venues and international broadcast centre. More than 1.8 million tickets were sold for the tournament, with a record 99.3% attendance and an estimated 400 million people tuning in worldwide, making it the most watched Rugby World Cup in history.

The 3D tour can be accessed on Aggreko’s website.

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