01 May 2008

Eight Alimak Hek customised mast climbers have been used by sub-contractor Edmund Nuttall to cast 18 pairs of concrete piers on the £100 million (US$181 million), 1.25 km long road bridge across The Swale estuary in Kent, UK. The access solution, proposed by Alimak Hek and implemented by contractor and mast climbing platform rental company Adastra Access, was to encircle the piers with two, independently operated mast climbing platforms, each with an adjustable 7.5 m long, 1200 kg payload deck. Workers used the platforms to install steel reinforcing cages, erect steel shuttering, pour concrete and remove shuttering. The piers varied in diameter from 3.85 m at the base to a uniform 3 m at the top, and the largest are 30 m tall. Adastra installed the first platform in August 2004 and the piers were completed in May this year

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