Aichi preview five new machines

By Maria Hadlow09 March 2009

Aichi showed five new booms and scissors on its stand, although was at pains to describe them as prototype models and was not committing itself to a timetable for availability in Europe beyond early 2009.

The SR14CJ (pictured) is a tracked version of the 14 m wheeled unit launched earlier this year and will be accompanies by a no-jib 12 m model as well. The new SR12C will replace the existing SR12B.

The new scissors are the SV05CNS and SV06CNS models, 4.6 m and 5.8 m platform height models notable for being short (1.85 m) and narrow (0.76 m). Aichi said the use of an AC drive motor would improve duty cycles by 150% compared to its previous models.

Also new are the SV08CWL and the SV10CWL (Wide/Long), 7.9 m and 9.5 m platform height models, both with dimensions of 1.15 m (W) and 2.5 m (L). The new scissors complement the 6 and 8 m narrow long scissors introduced in Europe earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Fumihiro Tsuzuki (pictured), the recently appointed managing director of Aichi Europe, told Access International that it was still the company's intention to bring articulating booms to Europe, although would not say when they would be available.

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