Aichi's Japanese staff uninjured

By Maria Hadlow15 March 2011

Following the earthquake and tsunami, Access International is able to report that all the Japanese employees of Aichi and their families are uninjured although buildings have suffered minor damage.

Kenziroh Nezuka, Aichi Corporation executive officer and president of Aichi USA, said that some of Aichi's vendors are located in the disaster area and cannot be contacted. "We all hope they are still alive and have escaped to a safe area. The vendor problem will affect the production schedule and the plant operation group is reorganising on a daily basis."

Mr Nezuka said that Tokyo Power is limiting electricity area by area. "Today at the headquarter location in Ageo saitama, power stopped from 7.00am to 10.00am for three hours. This will affect all computer systems [which will close down]. It takes an hour to restart in house computer systems. At the Niiharu plant power is being supplied all day."

Aichi has three manufacturing facilities: the Niiharu Plant, the Isesaki Plant and the Ageo Plant and branches in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kita-nihon, Chushikoku and Kyusyu.

On the nuclear power station situation Mr Nuzuka said, "We are really concerned but do not know how to react as this type of power plant problem has never been experienced before."

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