Aichi's new tracked booms now available

By Maria Hadlow05 February 2009

Aichi has released the first production models of the prototypes shown at APEX: the Skymaster SR12C

Aichi has released the first production models of the prototypes shown at APEX: the Skymaster SR12C tracked boom and its sister product shown here the SR14CJ with an 2m jib.

Aichi has begun to roll out the production models of the machines it first showed as prototypes at the APEX exhibition in September last year.

The first of these, launched at the end of January, are the Skymaster SR12C and Skymaster SR14CJ. These are tracked boom lifts designed for use on irregular ground.

The SR12C replaces the SR12B and has a maximum platform height of 11.7 m (38 ft 4 in) and a 10.7 m (35 ft) outreach. The machine can be fitted with either a 1.8 m(6 ft) or 2.4 m (8 ft) wide basket which have 250 and 227 kg (550 and 500 lb) capacities respectively

The SR14CJ is a similar machine to the SR12C with an additional 2 m jib.

The machines have a three-stage boom contributing to a compact stowed position, this is useful when negotiating work-sites with restricted space and heights and when transporting the booms.

For simple maintenance the booms have most components in common. A "cartridge" system for hydraulic hoses and electrical harnesses helps reduce damage and improves the ease of maintenance, as does the large engine cover and swing out system for parts that need daily checks.

The Skymasters are offered with three types of warranty - 2-years: basic warranty parts; 3-years: specified hydraulic components; 5-years: structural components.

Aichi showed five new booms and scissors on its stand at APEX and these are expected to appear in Europe in the first part of this year.

Other new models are the SV05CNS and SV06CNS scissors with 4.6 m and 5.8 m platform heights notable for being short (1.85 m) and narrow (0.76 m). Aichi said the use of an AC drive motor would improve duty cycles by 150% compared to its previous models.

Also new are the SV08CWL and the SV10CWL (Wide/Long), 7.9 m and 9.5 m platform height models, both with dimensions of 1.15 m (W) and 2.5 m (L). The new scissors complement the 6 and 8 m narrow long scissors introduced in Europe earlier last year.

Fumihiro Tsuzuki managing director of Aichi Europe, told Access International that it was still the company's intention to bring articulating booms to Europe, although would not say when they would be available.

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