Airport projects take off in Bordeaux

By Mike Hayes03 April 2019

Bordeaux Airport

Impression of Bordeaux Airport’s Satellite 3 international jetty

Bordeaux Airport’s €140 million 2023 investment plan is taking shape, with construction work underway on new and upgraded facilities.

Société Aéroport de Bordeaux-Mérignac, which manages the airport and initiated the plan, says it expects passenger numbers to top 10 million by 2023, up from last year’s 6.8 million.

Projects including the construction of a new international jetty, the complete reconfiguration of a low-cost terminal, and a new junction terminal are set to begin this year, with completion expected by 2023.

As part of a reconstruction plan for its range of car parking facilities, the long-term car park will be expanded to 900 spaces, while work is already underway on a new tram line and bus lane.

The first phase of work on a new service sector and hotel park, being carried out under the auspices of another management company, Nexity, also began this year.

Looking ahead to 2030, Bordeaux Airport expects its growth, and the growth of ancillary operations, to create around 10,000 jobs.

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