ALE Australia takes delivery of Goldhofer THP/SL

By Laura Hatton18 September 2014

From left to right: Horst Haefele (Goldhofer sales director of heavy duty modules) and David Purslow

From left to right: Horst Haefele (Goldhofer sales director of heavy duty modules) and David Purslow (ALE general manager of global operations)

Heavy lift and transport specialist ALE Australia has taken delivery of Goldhofer THP/SL modules with hydraulic width adjustment system.

The modules have a wheelbase of 1,800 mm and an adjustable width of 3,480 to 4,900 mm to meet different road regulations, the manufacturer said. The width of the THP/SL modules can be changed without the use of a crane or other lifting equipment. In addition, the split modules can be used in combination with Goldhofer’s self-propelled PST series.

So far 40 axle lines of Goldhofer trailers and accessories, including goosenecks and ramps have been delivered to the Australian branch, a spokesperson said.

Horst Haefele, Goldhofer sales director of heavy duty modules, said, “This means ALE can react with extreme flexibility to the Australian regulations and can handle a wide range of transport operations more efficiently and economically.”

David Purslow, ALE general manager of global operations, said, “For this investment, we placed particular importance on providing a user-friendly solution and practical operation to ensure that our people out in the field have the optimum transport solution at their disposal.”

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