ALE launches widening trailers in the UK

By Katherine Weir12 May 2016

The new widening axles are the first of its kind in the UK, the company said

The new widening axles are the first of its kind in the UK, the company said

International heavy lift and transport company ALE launched the latest addition to its fleet at Sandon Hall in Staffordshire, UK yesterday - a range of widening trailers that can be widened to 4.3 metres whilst loaded, making these the only trailers of their kind in the UK, the company said.

One of the main features of the widening trailers is the lower imposed ground pressure achieved with an axle beam that is 30 percent longer and axle spacing that is 10 % greater than the industry standard. As the trailers widen out to 4.3 m, compared the standard 3 m, the weight is better spread and the load is distributed more effectively. With an overall lower imposed ground pressure, these trailers are more inclined to achieve route clearance compared to other trailers.

The widening time for the new trailers is between one and a half and two hours for 28 axle lines to be configured.

The design process began 12 months ago with a meeting with specialized transport equipment manufacturer Goldhofer to discuss key issues in the UK market.

Darren Adams, UK director at ALE, said, “We wanted to update our existing fleet of trailers in the UK and took the opportunity to capture additional benefits. There was nothing on the market so we approached Goldhofer with a technical solution for a trailer that could be widened whilst loaded and they created an innovative solution that matched our requirements.”

As the shortest possible routes can be taken and more routes available, more direct routes can be used and less time will be spent on public roads, meaning congestion and disruption is reduced.

The trailers are expected to be recognised as a more favourable solution for bridge owners and local authorities as the wider distribution of axle weight and gross load over the structure will result in less stress on the bridge and bearings.

Nick Jones, lead engineer at ALE - UK, said, “Recent talks with the Highways Agency, introducing the widening trailers, have been successful and confirm the positive reactions we were expecting for this new product.

“The equipment has been arriving at our facility over the last few weeks and we hope to have it on the road shortly for testing. We will be using the trailers solely for girder frame operations with our existing fleet of girder frames.”

Also at the equipment launch event was the company’s Mega Jack 800, a Trojan truck and generation 4 M93 self propelled modular transporters (SPMTs).

ALE has purchased 50 axle lines of these trailers that will be used for road transportation projects across the UK.

Technical specifications

Capacity: 26.1 to 30 tonnes per axle

Axle boom width: 965 mm

Steering angle: Plus or minus 55 degrees

Driving height: 1,285 mm

Stroke: Lifitng/suspension stroke

Axle spacing: 1.65 m

Widths: 3.6 m (4.3 m widened)

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