ALE prepares for Mega Jack 800 project

07 March 2016

ALE use the Mega Jack 800 in its first UK project in Lowestoft, Suffolk

ALE use the Mega Jack 800 in its first UK project in Lowestoft, Suffolk

Global heavy lift company ALE are preparing for the first UK project in Lowestoft, Suffolk using the Mega Jack 800.

First launched in 2014, the 800 was created to bridge the gap in the capacities of the conventional 60-500 tonne capacity climbing jack systems and the original Mega Jack system that has a capacity of 5,200 tonne per tower.

ALE were given the scope of performing the lifting of components, multiple site moves of different sections of the jacket and topside, upending the jacket, jacking-up the jacket using the 800, before loading-out the jacket and topside.

The jack-up operation, which will be a first of its kind in the UK, will involve jacking-up the 954 tonne jacket to 14 metres high using the Mega Jack 800 jacking system. The suction buckets will be positioned under each of the jacket’s legs. The 800 will then lower the jacket and hold it in place, whilst the suction buckets can be welded to the jacket by the client.

So far, ALE has performed the site moves of different components and the jacket is being prepared ready for the roll-up, using the ALE AK912 crane, and jack-up operations using the 800 later this month.

Vytis Zygialis, project engineer for ALE who will be overseeing the overall project, commented, “We are now preparing for the jacking operation using our innovative Mega Jack 800 System – a first for the UK. As we will be using all of the cassettes to jack-up the jacket to 14 m, we will also be bracing the Mega Jack 800 system for the first time. We will start to mobilise the equipment in February and are currently preparing the team for the roll-up and jacking activities ready for March.”

The Mega Jack 800 has already been used in the Netherlands, Spain, Norway and Belgium.

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