Alfons Thihatmer resigns from Teupen

By Maria Hadlow19 October 2010

A Teupen platform in action. 'Spider' is the generic name that is used in the aerial platform indust

A Teupen platform in action. 'Spider' is the generic name that is used in the aerial platform industry to describe machines with this type of articulated outrigger design.

Alfons Thihatmer, Teupen's executive director since 1986, is going to assign his responsibilities within the management board to Michael Wotschke and intends to resign from the Teupen group management by the end of 2010.

Mr Thihatmer has made a significant impact on Teupen's development and it was under his management that the company developed and began the manufacture of the Leo range of crawler mounted access platforms.

Mr Thihatmer's resignation and the handover of his responsibilities to a successor was decided and announced in 2007, when he and the former executive director Andreas Grochowiak sold Teupen's majority share to NORD Holding Unternehmensbeteiligungs GmbH.

He will, however, continue to stay closely connected to Teupen as consultant and shareholder. Teupen says that Mr Thihatmer will still play an important role within the organisation; especially regarding the development of products.

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