ALH M20: The top mast climber rental fleets in North America

By Lindsey Anderson10 January 2011

Access, Lift & Handlers is proud to introduce its first-ever M20 ranking of North America's largest mast climber-owning rental companies.

ALH has created a list of North America's top mast climber rental fleets, and Canada's Fraco Products tops the list.

For the M20 list, we asked companies to provide their total number of drives, and the top five companies listed represent 420 drives. The top five companies, in order, are: Fraco Products, Valco Scaffold, Sun Scaffolding, Sunbelt Rentals and Bracing Systems. When we receive updated figures for our list in 2012, we will be able to compare percentages of growth and loss, as well as how much overall top five, 10 and 20 fleets grew or shrunk.

The complete survey can be viewed in the January/February 2011 isuse of Access, Lift & Handlers.

The Survey

Research for ALH's M20 was conducted in the winter of 2010 with the help of industry experts, manufacturers and fleet owners. To the best of our knowledge, the list represents the top 29 mast climbing fleets in North America. If you have any comments, questions or think you should have been included, please contact Editor Lindsey Anderson at or by calling (312) 795-5611.

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