25 March 2008

All DBI—SALA safety harnesses are to be equipped with RFID (radio frequency Identification) tags to allow managers to store and monitor records on harnesses and also access user manuals and other important safety materials.

The new i-Safe system will comprise an RFID tag in each harness that will be able to store information such as work schedules (by location or by worker), harness inspection records and detailed harness history. The tags, which are robust and do not require a battery to work, can be read by a portable electronic readers which can then be downloaded to a web-based portal – hosted by DBI—SALA–with the data made instantly available.

“I-Safe was created to help manage the complex safety challenges that safety managers face each day,” says Bill Schultz, vice president of marketing at Capital Safety (which owns the DBI-SALA brand). “I-Safe significantly simplifies the management of safety programs because it allows you to easily record and access information on inspections, inventory and related safety and equipment information.”

The system will also be available for retrofitting to existing equipment of any brand.

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