Alimak hoist's record performance

By Maria Hadlow11 February 2009

The record breaking activity of a Scando 650 construction hoist was recorded by Alimak's A3 remote monitoring system.

The poll topping, Alimak Scando 6501 20/50 FC hoist made by Alimak Hek is one of three working on a development in the City of London. Over the period of one month between 21 October and 22 November 2008 the hoist travelled 286 km, with 22180 starts. On one day the hoist recorded 1000 starts and on another travelled 12 km.

The hoists belong to UK hoist hire company HTC Plant Ltd which is part of the PC Harrington Group. The record breaking hoist serves 15 floors at a height of 65 m. Because the hoists are fitted with Alimak's A3 remote monitoring system its performance statistics were easy to collect.

A3 is an online system for the remote monitoring of vertical access equipment. Via email, Internet or cell phones, it transmits operational information such as number of starts and stops, and gives continuous feedback on alarms, standstills, and other deviations. A web-based administration tool gives the user an overview of event history and current status of all connected machines.

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