Alimak's new modular lightweight hoists

By Maria Hadlow12 August 2011

The Hek TPL 500 and 300 hoists/transport platforms can be configured to suit the users particular ap

The Hek TPL 500 and 300 hoists/transport platforms can be configured to suit the users particular application.

Alimak Hek has added two new modular transport platform/hoists to its light range designed for long-life and ease of use.

The Hek TPL 500 and 300 is designed to provide vertical access in a number of applications including direct to buildings or on scaffolding. The TPL 500 is driven by a three phase supple and has a 500kg capacity the single phase TPL 300 has a 300kg capacity. Each unit has dual functionality, and can be used as either a transport platform or material hoist.

The Hek TPL 500 has a 12m/min travelling speed in transport platform configuration and 24 m/min in the material hoist configuration. The TPL 300's travelling speed is 10 m/min. With a simple key switch, positioned on the electrical control panel, the machine can be converted from a transport platform to a material hoist, with all appropriate safety features enabled.

In common with the majority of Amilak Hek's products the TPL 500 and 300 are designed on a modular concept allowing the user to configure the platform to their needs. The load ramp can be installed on one of three sides or can be replaced by a bi-foldable gate, to permit easy loading of the platform with a fork-lift or, for when it is to be used as a transport platform. The exit ramp is also interchangeable and can be installed on one of two sides it includes options for a control bar system with vertical or horizontal bar opening. The third side of the machine is provided with a fixed railing or, alternatively, with a ramp or bi-foldable gate.

The enhanced mast design on the Hek TPL 500 and 300 allows tie distances up to 7.5m to be achieved so it can span three floors of a building or scaffold. The tie pipes are fixed on the mast sections via a double frame arrangement that also affords greater rigidity to the masts, whilst still being quick and simple to install.

The mast sections are fixed to each other by means of four eyebolts, permanently attached to the mast section itself, making assembly faster, and eliminating the risk of loss or misuse of the bolts. The installation platform allows safe access to the mast and the façade so the mast can be installed and fastened to the wall in the safest way possible.

The safety systems for the full control and operation of the machine are housed in the control panel, and conform to the latest available safety standards. The internal panel layout has been designed to be compact and provide ease of use for installers and service engineers. The control panel and the installation platform, which are positioned either side of the main drive unit, can also be interchanged if the application requires it.

The platform floor structure is made of folded and perforated plates, which are both structural elements and a rigid and anti-slip walking surface, suitable also for the transport of loads. A hot dip galvanized finish ensures that the surface does not corrode, reducing the need of maintenance and replacement. The installation platform, ramps, mast and tie ins are also hot dip galvanized.

The TPL 300 and 500 are fitted with an overspeed safety device that comes into operation if the platform exceeds the rated speed, bringing the hoist to a controlled stop. The hoist is also fitted with an overloading sensing device which prevents the use of the machine if too much load is carried, ensuring safety and prolonging the working life of the machine.

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