All Safety Products to distribute new P-Pod

By Thomas Allen25 February 2020

US-based All Safety Products has been appointed the authorised US distributor of the new P-Pod collapsible portable toilet.

Steve Hengsperger, President of P-Pod, said, ā€œIā€™m excited to work with Craig Gunderson, National Sales Manager, All Safety Products, Inc. in promoting, selling and distributing P-Pod products in the USA as one of our key distributors.ā€


The new P-Pod collapsible portable toilet

Designed for rapid deployment in locations with limited access, the new P-Pod has a collapsible design. When expanded, the unit measures 210cm in height, but when folded it is just 98cm tall. This has benefits for storage and transportation, including the fact that the product is stackable.

The portable toilet can be driven along narrow or dirt roads that limit access for larger vehicles. And when deployed, the toilet can be erected and operational in just a few minutes.

The toilet has a dry weight of 82kg, making it possible for the unit to be loaded and unloaded by two people into the back of a standard pickup truck or van.

The P-Pod has a sealable 180 litre storage tank, and it can be supplied with spare storage units to remove the need for servicing with a vacuum truck.

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