All terrain crane disassembles roller coaster

By Niamh Marriott31 January 2023

Euskirchen, Germany-based crane service provider BSH used its Tadano AC 3.055-1 all terrain crane to disassemble a roller coaster at the Düsseldorf Rhine Fair.

roller coaster dissassembled by tadano all terrain crane Tearing down the roller coaster meant that loads weighing from 300 kilograms to six tonnes had to be lifted (Photo: Tadano)

The ride had a maximum height of 32 metres and a track length of more than 1,000 metres.

The compact design of the crane combined with a 50 metre long boom was ideal for the project, the company said. The crane used Tadano’s outrigger system Flex Base and its IC 1 Plus crane control software.

The weight of the model meant travelling wass easier and it was faster to get travel permits for. To arrive on site, the crane first had to travel from Euskirchen to Düsseldorf with its full counterweight and a 12-tonne axle load but no additional transportation vehicles were required. The crane took 15 minutes to set up.

The company had to disassemble and load 600 tonnes of steel and add-on components that made up the ride. Tearing down the roller coaster meant that loads weighing from 300 kilograms to 6 tonnes had to be lifted.

First, all decorative components, as well as the lamp posts, ticket booth, catwalks, and illuminated advertising, were removed and loaded from the front area of the roller coaster. Then came the actual roller coaster elements with the tracks, weighing 2 tonnes.

To be able to lift these components, the crane operator used boom lengths between 24 and the maximum possible 50 meters. Meanwhile, the largest radius was 36 meters. The disassembly took over two days to complete.

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