All terrain fleet expansion

By Christian Shelton17 August 2020

German lifting and transport service provider Weiland Kran & Transport has expanded its fleet with addition of an ATF 70G-4 all terrain crane, produced by Japanese manufacturer Tadano. It is the second ATF 70G-4 in the company’s fleet although this latest one has a longer boom of 52.1 metres compared to 44 metres on its previous one.

The 70-tonne capacity class cranes share the same boom extensions, the same counterweight, and both have two engines as well as ten-tonne axle load limits for taxi crane duties.

“Our day-to-day workload generally involves two to three short-term projects on construction sites, and we also have a number of long-term assignments running in the background. Some of the requirements are poles apart, while others are quite similar,” said Sebastian Degenhardt, junior director at Weiland Kran & Transport. “This allows us to use the 70-tonner that is most suitable for the task at hand. Either that or we can make a quick change in cases where both 70-tonners are capable of handling the same project, but one needs to be available for the next job faster. This is an ideal scenario for our planning department.”

Tadano ATF 70G-4 Weiland

 (From left to right): two Weiland crane operators and Weiland director Sebastian Degenhardt alongside Tadano area sales manager Frank Brachtendorf 

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