Allied-Gator introduces serrated MT shear blades

19 July 2013

Allied Gator’s new shear blade design for its MT mobile shear can be retrofitted to existing models

Allied Gator’s new shear blade design for its MT mobile shear can be retrofitted to existing models

Allied Gator has introduced a new patent-pending Serrated Gator blade that is now available as an option on new MT mobile shears and can also be used with any of the 11 existing MT shears, irrespective of size, with no modifications being required to the shear.

According to the company, the new blades have a service life that is up to 50% longer than traditional shear blades when processing general scrap and up to 90% longer when used to cut steel wire and cable. They can also be used effectively to process difficult materials such as stainless steel and thin sheeting.

Allied-Gator sales and marketing manager Mike Ramun said: “The serrations of the MT’s new blades are designed to progressively pass through material like a saw blade rather than forcing the shear to chop through a large mass of material like an axe. This new blade design does not rely solely on sharp shear blade edges to achieve the cut. Instead of a snipping effect, these blades generate a tearing action. This allows the MT shear to grip and tear scrap materials, which is a far more efficient cutting method than the traditional ‘scissoring effect’ utilised by all other mobile shear blades.”

As the shear jaws close on structural steel, each serration systematically yields and tears scrap along the blade’s cutting path. When working with wire and cable, they trap the material being processed along the blades as the jaws close and this allows the blades to progressively rip and tear the cable apart on its way to the throat.

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