Allu proves its worth in Asia

13 June 2018

A selection of Allu D-Series transformers is proving its worth in Asia and the Middle East, helping to process a variety of materials in three different countries. The equipment has been provided and supported by Allu’s dealers in the countries and backed by its global support team.

Allu screening web

Allu screening waste material to fine soil

The D-Series comprises an excavator/ loader/ tractor mounted attachment which screens, crushes, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, feeds and loads materials. According to Allu, this effectively transforms the feed material into highly valuable.

With its highly reliable screening attachment, the D-Series has proved to be ideal for a variety of screening and crushing projects. It has also proved to be highly versatile with the D-Series sharing the DL-series’ use of fine-screening TS drum construction with standard blades.

A customer in Thailand is successfully using a DN 3-12 with TS 16/32 blades set to 32 mm. This is being used to screen waste material to fine soil. In another application, a Japanese company is using a DN 2-12 with a TS 35 setting to crush bark.

Furthermore, a DH 4-17 with TS screening set up is processing trenched material on water pipelines in Oman. By using the Allu transformer attachment, the contractor can ensure large material that could potentially damage the pipe is separated from the padding material.

Allu has also exhibited at the Kagawa Prefecture Forest Machinery Demo Exposition, being represented by its dealer in Japan, Okada Aiyon Corporation.


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