ALS organises refinery shipment

By Sarah Ann McCay12 November 2012

ALS (Freight Management Nederland) BV’s Moerdijk Ocean Project team organised the shipment of a 440 ton sugar refining plant from Antwerp in Belgium to Bahrain in the Middle East.

The ALS team was given just four days to find a suitable vessel to carry the 85 pieces of equipment, which occupied 2,400 cubic metres.

After an intensive search the Moerdijk team succeeded and found a vessel able to carry the entire load, both below and on deck. A tarpaulin then had to be arranged to further protect the boxes loaded on deck.

ALS staff checked that all cargo was safely loaded on to the vessel in Antwerp, which took more than one day, before the vessel set sail on her 22-day journey to Bahrain.

The Moerdijk team is now planning to ship another part of the sugar refinery from Korea to Bahrain.

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