Altec builds hybrid power platforms

24 April 2008

One of the hybrid-powered Altec L42A models. Right: Altec's Shawn Brougham.

One of the hybrid-powered Altec L42A models. Right: Altec's Shawn Brougham.

The trials, organised by the Hybrid Truck Users Forum (HTUF) - a consortium of companies and agencies promoting energy-efficient technologies - will measure the system's performance and reliability and follow an earlier, smaller test that demonstrated emissions reductions and 40-60% fuel savings.

The lift trucks, which are the modified Altec's L42A model pictured, have a motor/generator mounted between the diesel engine and the transmission. This device converts some of the engine power into electrical energy, which is stored in batteries and then used to supplement engine power during acceleration, reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

The batteries can also power the utility bucket with the diesel engine turned off or deliver 25 kW to power traffic lights, heating and air conditioning systems, or even households.

'In contrast to other, earlier hybrid technology programs, these trucks require no additional infrastructure for use by an end-user. This is key to bringing the technology to fruition on a large scale. Furthermore, it can be applied at the level of any OEM,” said Shawn Brougham, a market manager at Altec and manager of its participation in the programme.

The hybrid system is designed by Eaton Corporation and installed in International Truck chassis/cabs adapted for utility service by Altec.

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