Altrex invests in welding

28 August 2015

Scaffolding and ladder manufacturer Altrex is installing a state of the art welding line with phase one of the project underway.

When the line is complete, five robotic welders will operate over the 75 m line controlled from a central system.

The robotic welders can move across the entire length of the line or work together on the same product, making the work more precise. “They continue working even when a jig is changed. Every step in the production process is more streamlined,” said a company spokesperson.

The process uses an advanced Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) system. In this short circuit arc process droplets are formed from the welding wire and supplied into the welding torch - the flow can be regulated up to 140 droplets/second.

By pulling the wire back and limiting the flow, colder material is supplied to the weld pool. It makes this welding method specifically suitable for welding thin materials (from 0.3 mm) with minimum heat input. The low flow strength provides an almost spatter-free welding seam.

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