Ambitious mental health targets for Keltbray

09 August 2018

With the establishment of Keltbray Group’s KML Occupational Health business in 2014, Keltbray positioned itself at the forefront of looking after the physical health of its workforce.

The company, whose demolition business is one of the world’s largest, is now evolving its care for employees by working on bringing people’s physical health into balance with their mental and emotional wellbeing, with a target of training one in every 10 staff members to become mental health first aiders.

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Keltbray already has 19 qualified mental health first aiders

Keltbray has been working with Mental Health First Aid England to provide training for its people so they can be effective first respondents to an emergency, until professional help can be found.

Health and wellbeing manager for KML Occupational Health, Mark Newns, has now delivered the first of these courses to the new mental health first aiders, with more two-day courses planned across Keltbray locations.

“With the need identified,” said Mark, “and now that we’re able to deliver the training internally, we have a target of training one in every ten staff members, to help create a mentally healthy workplace. We now have 19 qualified Mental Health First Aiders, with more to come.”

At a recent stand down day held in central Scotland, Mark also delivered the Mates in Mind “Start the Conversation” training to 140 members of the Keltbray distribution and transmission team.

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