Amco Veba expands range

27 November 2020

Amco Veba 925NG with double linkage boom, side view in dark blue

Amco Veba 925NG with double linkage boom

Loader crane manufacturer Amco Veba has added a new 12-model family of models rated between 19 and 21 tonne-metres.

The new models fit in the range between the 9 tonne-metre and 13 to 16 tonne-metre existing series. This news follows close behind the announcement of new 19 to 21 tonne-metre models from sister brand F.lli Ferrari earlier in October and, in mid-2019, the new Edge line from Hyva, also part of the group.

Amco Veba’s range is aimed at a wide range of applications, including construction, mining, industrial maintenance and car recovery.

A selection of radio remote controls and stabiliser configurations are offered. The Dynamic Load Diagram (DLD) and Magic Touch (MT) functions are designed to save time and increase productivity. DLD provides available capacity prior to a lift according the stability of the vehicle. MT is automatic opening of the crane from its transport position to the working position and back again.

The new models are as follows:

Models 821NGT and 824NGT are Series T telescopic boom cranes designed for car recovery and other applications for compact, light, and easy to operate cranes.

The 821NG and 824NG articulated cranes balance cost and performance in loading and unloading operations, the company said.

The 921NG, 922NG, 924NG and 925NG articulated cranes have a double linkage boom for more complicated applications.

Models 921NGC and 924NGC are short boom articulated cranes with double linkage booms for high loads and installation on compact wheelbase trucks. Typically found in construction applications.

The VR23NG and VR26NG from the VR Series have continuous slewing and a double linkage boom.

Amco Veba VR23NG with continuous slewing in dark blue lift a red oxidetype coloured 20 foot ISO container

Amco Veba VR23NG with continuous slewing


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