An alternative to asbestos disposal

26 November 2020

Thermal Recycling, based in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, has opened a new demonstration plant last month to provide what it claims is the world’s first socially and environmentally responsible alternative to asbestos disposal.

Recycling plant web

Thermal Recycling has opened a new demonstration plant to convert asbestos into asbestos-free material to produce sustainable aggregates

The company diverts asbestos away from landfill, converts it into a new material that does not contain asbestos, and produces a sustainable aggregate.

“We are delighted to announce the opening of our demonstration plant,” said chairman Graham Gould.

“We can convert asbestos into asbestos-free material on an industrial scale, in a commercially viable and environmentally safe way. We can’t continue putting asbestos in landfill sites for future generations to deal with”.

Thermal Recycling said around 60% of UK asbestos taken to landfill is in the form of roof sheets, which are put in a skip and taken to landfill. Asbestos is responsible for the deaths of around 5,000 workers in the UK each year and can be found in buildings over 20 years old.

Under the new system it collects the asbestos and the pioneering treatment facility converts the cement roof sheets containing chrysotile asbestos. Thermal treatment changes the chemical and physical composition of the asbestos and the asbestos-free material is then crushed and a sustainable aggregate produced.

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