Anaconda enters crusher sector with J960 ECO jaw unit

07 July 2014

Anaconda’s new J960 ECO is the company’s first mobile jaw crusher, joining its ranges of mobile scre

Anaconda’s new J960 ECO is the company’s first mobile jaw crusher, joining its ranges of mobile screens and stackers - managing director Con Gallagher and Danny Morgan of Anaconda Sales UK pictured b

One of the new machines on display at the recent Hillhead show was Anaconda’s first venture into the mobile crushing sector, the 26 tonne J960 ECO jaw crusher with a maximum throughput of 150 tonnes/hour. The new machine has a 0.9 x 0.6 m (3 x 2 ft) jaw opening, a dirt belt, magnet and dual power as standard. The feeder has a grizzly section to remove dirt and a diverter chute that can either remove the dirt completely from the dirt belt or transfer it to the main discharge belt and mix it with the crushed product. Power comes from a 100 kVA Fogo F1100 and an Iveco diesel delivering 87 kW (117 hp). The company claims a fuel consumption of 6 to 8 litres (1.3 to 1.8 gallons) per hour for the latter.

According to technical director Martin Quinn: “I guess people have been wondering when we were going to get into crushing as it is a natural step after screening but we did not take this decision lightly. Crushing is not for the faint-hearted and we have spent considerable time on the J960 ECO project to get it right. A lot of time was spent understanding the features that would really make a difference to potential customers and we have designed this machine with standard items that others would consider as being options.”

He went on: "Fuel is a considerable running cost no matter wqhere you are so the dual power option was the first 'standard' feature to go on the page. We also looked at reducing the level of noise on this unit and the resulat has been that we have managed to produce one of the quietest crushers on the market. With the help of our dealer network, the other features were quickly established and designed into the product. It's an exciting time for us and the feedback over the few days at the show has been both compliemntary and positive."

The J960 features a discharge height of 2.8 m (9.2 ft), a ground clearance of 0.25 m (8 inches) and a feed height of 3.3 m (10.9 ft). When configured for transport, it is 11.4 m long (37.4 ft), 3.3 m (10.8 ft) high and 2.5 m (8.2 ft wide.

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