APR Energy extends contract in Uruguay

By Sarah McCay18 November 2014

Power rental company APR Energy has signed extensions to its contracts for 300 MW in Uruguay, which will now run through to the end of the second quarter 2015.

As part of the renewal, the group has agreed to grant Usinas y Trasmisiones Eléctricas (UTE) an option to buy two of its turbines located at the plant site. The transfer of assets would occur after the extended contract ends.

APR Energy has been in Uruguay serving UTE since 2012. The temporary power provider now operates two plans featuring low emission, mobile gas turbines to provide a complementary solution to the country’s hydroelectric power.

Laurence Anderson, CEO for APR Energy, said, “Our Uruguay extension is another example of our continued success in driving contract renewals this year, reflecting the high level of loyalty we have with our customers, the ongoing demand for electricity in the markets we serve and the inherent longevity of the solutions we provide.”

The Uruguay extension adds to APR Energy’s record 1754MW of contract renewals for 2014, a success rate of more than 90%.

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