ARA launches delivery driver web-training

The American Rental Association (ARA) and its insurance arm ARA Insurance Services said their new delivery driver training programme would improve driver safety and cut rental business costs.

The Professional Driver Education Program is web based and consists of nine modules offering six hours of instruction on all aspects of driving, from loading and load securing, unloading and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations to pickup and delivery at the job site, on-the-road safety and customer service.

Drivers are given 16 weeks to complete the course and when completed successfully they will receive a certificate of completion, uniform badge, hardhat sticker and wallet card. ARA said the costs of the training represent a "reasonably small investment".

"ARA has developed this comprehensive program to address the most universal safety issue of the equipment rental industry", said Christine Wehrman, ARA's executive vice president and CEO, "Not only will construction and general tool operations save time and money, but, most importantly, they will save lives."

ARA said that millions of dollars are paid out by insurance companies every year for driver-related accidents.

"We know that the key to reducing insurance claims lies with educating drivers," said Phillip Kelling, president of ARA Insurance Services. "Delivery drivers have a big responsibility and are highly visible employees of a business. Smart business owners and managers are willing to invest in driver training to keep safety at the forefront."

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