ArcGen launches two new lighting products

05 July 2012

ArcGen's new Eco90 and SMC TL-90 Xtra lighting towers

ArcGen's new Eco90 and SMC TL-90 Xtra lighting towers

ArcGen Hilta unveiled two new lighting products at the Hillhead 2012 quarrying and recycling show, held in June. Built and developed in Great Britain by ArcGen Hilta and SMC, the two new designs are adaptations of the SMC TL-90 lighting tower.

The Eco90 Lighting Tower offers a fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting option powered by a 3000rpm engine, rather than the 7.4kWm engine found in the standard TL-90. The machine also offers LED road lights and an 185-hour running time. Four 400W metal halide lamps emitting 136,000 Lumens, compared with the TL-90's 1000W 230v metal halide lamps, provide illumination.

Also unveiled at Hillhead 2012 was the SMC TL-90 Xtra Lighting Tower. This unit includes features such as 14" wheels for rough terrain and additional ground clearance, and wind down stabilisers to ensure stability.

Coupled with a lockable fuel cap and isolator for added security, the TL-90 Xtra's features make it ideal for use in the quarrying and mining industries, or projects based in difficult conditions. The machine also has optional extras of the traditional TL-90 fitted as standard, including powertilt and an auto-run timer.

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