ArcGen unveils new welder generator

By Sarah Ann McCay30 August 2012

The ArcGen Weldmaker 330CC/CV in action

The ArcGen Weldmaker 330CC/CV in action

ArcGen Hilta has introduced a new welder generator to its range of on site power equipment.

The new Weldmaker 330CC/CV (constant current/constant voltage) offers 8kVA 3 phase output with 3kVA 110V AC outputs, an ‘e-mode' to make it energy efficient, and promises a super-silent operation.

The new machine is powered by a Kubota D902 diesel engine with a 37 litre fuel tank. Its multivoltage outputs enable simultaneous use of the three phase generator and DC welding, while the CC/CV output allows the machine to be used for stick, TIG and accurate MIG welding, with the aid of an optional wire feed unit. ArcGen predicts that the unit's versatility will make it popular with rental companies.

Other features include a digital setting and current readout gauge, AVR controlled output and IGBT controlled welding output, digital error code fault finding and a fuel-saving e-mode which increases engine revs depending on the demands on the machine.

The Weldmaker 330CC/CV is also available with petrochemical, offshore or mining specifications.

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