Archaeological find

06 May 2009

Tsurumi pumps are being used to drain part of the old port in Oslo, Norway following the discovery of wooden boats believed to date back to the late 16th and early 17th centuries.

The boats were discovered during ground preparation for a new road tunnel in Oslo, which is due for completion in 2012. Upon discovery, a specialist archaeologist from the Norwegian maritime museum was called in to oversee the dig which has so far unveiled the remains of 14 wrecks measuring up to 17 m in length.

"The boats are all remarkably well preserved due to the mixture of mud and fresh water found where the rivers run into the sea at Bjoervika," said archaeologist Lin Hobberstad.

"The removal process has had to happen as quickly as possible so the ships can be examined without long delays affecting the tunnel construction," said Ms Hobberstad.

Up to 70 Tsurumi LB-480A single phase portable pumps with level sensors are on-site, each pumping up to 225 litres per minute at maximum capacity.

Oslo Vei, a construction specialist based in Oslo said, "I recommended Tsurumi pumps for the onsite drainage. Good reliable pumps are an essential part of any archaeological project like this, and Tsurumi was an obvious choice."
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