Arcomet and Matebat merge

By Alex Dahm02 April 2019

Uperio logo

Uperio combines Arcomet and Matebat

Tower crane companies Arcomet and Matebat are to be merged and given the new name of Uperio.

Belgium based Arcomet which operates around the world and Matebat from France are both controlled by major shareholder LFPI Group. Arcomet is a specialist in tower crane rental and manufacture while Matebat is a distribution and rental company.

Arcomet logo

The Arcomet name will be retained for self erecting tower cranes

Combined as Uperio the fleet will be 2,200 cranes, 550 employees with 23 depots in eight countries. Of the 550 total, 350 are crane erectors, technicians or working in manufacturing and maintenance. Sales totalled €180 million (US$ 199 million) in 2018.

Commenting on the development, Philippe Cohet, Matebat chairman and Arcomet chief executive, said, “This alliance would not only be recognised by its size. This project is also the symbol of an ambition.” Cohet said he aims to strengthen professionalism in the new company by developing the skills and commitment of employees.

“Moreover, within the scope of this project, we are striving for enhanced reliability and profitability of the building sites we are entrusted with,” Cohet continues. “The offering of this new group would therefore not only be fortified by the latest crane models, but also by complementary crane operating support systems and associated services to better satisfy our customers.”

Matebat logo

Matebat and Arcomet will become Uperio

Joining forces in this way will also allow geographical expansion and the addition of passenger hoists, formwork, electrical systems and other equipment, Cohet said. The Arcomet brand will be retained for the self erecting tower cranes manufactured in-house.


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