Ardent vans deliver supplies for Ukraine refugees

21 March 2022

A team from UK rental company Ardent Hire is driving three Ardent vans with essential supplies to Warsaw to support the Ukrainian refugee crisis. 

A request statement from Ardent Hire confirmed the company planned to leave the UK on Sunday 20 March, stay in Berlin overnight, then make the delivery today, Monday, before returning to the UK.

An Ardent Hire Solutions van. (Photo: Ardent Hire Facebook page).

The company said it was responding to requests for supplies from Polska 2050 (, an organisation helping refugees across the front line.

Items requested by the organisation included: medications -  such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, saline, antibiotics, dressings, wound disinfectants, wound alcohol, antiseptics and hydrogen peroxide.

Also requested were mats, blankets, sleeping bags, men’s underwear, women’s and children’s underwear - all new - trainers, batteries, power banks, candles, battery lamps.

Ardent Hire said it understood medicines, dressings, antiseptics, sleeping bags, mats, batteries, lamps, candles and some food were being forwarded to Ukraine to those in need.

The remainder would be stored in Warsaw and handed to border or reception points where refugees sleep and to people who take refugees into their own homes.

Ardent CEO Jeremy Fish said in the statement; “We are very grateful for your help and support. Like so many other people we are struggling to comprehend the human tragedy that is unfolding before us.

“The scenes of families, children and the elderly and infirm being uprooted from their homes, losing their livelihoods, their loved ones and their way of life is heart-breaking. Indeed, our whole way of life is under threat. And that is why we feel compelled to act, no matter how small our actions might be in the grand scheme of things.”

The company had requested donations of the above items to be dropped off at its premises in Cambridgeshire and Staffordshire, UK by 5pm on Friday 18 March.

It is understood Ardent has collected enough supplies to do another run a week after the first one. It is also taking financial donations; at the time of writing around £25,000 has been raised.

Anyone interested in donating is requested to make direct contact with Ardent Hire Solutions. 

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