Argentinian recycling inititative

By Lindsay Gale07 October 2014

Recycling is at an relatively early stage in South America, but in Argentina Trans-Plus SRL is using a Rockster R900 impact crusher with a screen box and return belt to produce clean recycled aggregate with a consistent grain size for road fill.

The Argentinian government is attempting to find a solution to the problem of roads being washed away during heavy rainfall events. It appears that subcontractors have in the past used road fill that contains materials that expand when wet and do not hold the compacted material together, causing roads to break up and dump material into watercourses, contributing to flash flooding and associated deaths.

Trans-Plus is therefore working with the government on a trial project where recycled material is certified as being suitable for non-structural construction use and has been performing numerous tests with its final output product. Trans-Plus general manager Luciano Emiliozzi said: “After demonstrating the clean material our Rockster crushers R900 was producing, we began to sell to local municipalities and they now only want our recycled material.”Argentinian recycling

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