Assodimi focuses on rental at Samoter exhibition

04 February 2011

A rental seminar underway at Assodimi's Rental Area at Samoter 2008. The association is creating a r

A rental seminar underway at Assodimi's Rental Area at Samoter 2008. The association is creating a rental area in Hall 2 at Samoter this year as well.

Italian distributors and rental association Assodimi is organising a series of rental events at the upcoming Samoter exhibition, including daily seminars and a round-table discussion on Friday 4 March.

Assodimi's and its rental division, Assonolo, have organised a Rental Area in Hall 2 where a number of its rental company members will exhibit and also an outside rental area (in Zone C, close to the demonstration area) where companies including JCB, Komatsu, Imer, New Holland and Gruppi Elettrogeni will exhibit.

There will be presentations on each day of the show except Sunday, from Wednesday 2 March through to Saturday 5 March.

The highlight will be a round-table on the Friday afternoon (at the Vivaldi Hall, Europa Conference Centre) with participants including Bernard Pointet (president, DLR, France), Marzia Giusto (Nacanco and Assodimi president) and Franco de Michelis (secretary general of Assodimi).

Under discussion will be current developments in the equipment rental sector in Europe, with particular focus on the growth of rental in central and eastern Europe.

Other sessions through the week, taking place at the Rental Area seminar room in Hall 2, will include ‘Lean Distribution' (Franco de Michelis), ‘Case Studies of Successful Distribution' (Mr De Michelis and Daniela Grancini) and ‘Credit Management' (presented by Nacanco and others).

Mr Michelis has just written a book about ‘lean distribution', and themes from his book will be discussed at seminars through the week.

Rental companies and others exhibiting in the inside rental area will include: Cofiloc, CST, Dalla Vecchia Fabrizio, Edilnoleggi Valente, the European Rental Association,, Lo Jack, Nacanco, Panalex, Salvatore Giuliano and Venpa.

For more on the rental activities at Samoter visit

Samoter takes place in Verona, Italy, on 2-6 March. For a preview of the show see the links to the right.

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