Atlas Copco rebrands Irmair compressors as Chicago Pneumatic in Europe

30 November 2009

Irmair compressors will be branded Chicago Pneumatic in Europe from 2010 onwards.

Irmair compressors will be branded Chicago Pneumatic in Europe from 2010 onwards.

The Irmair brand of compressors produced by Atlas Copco's Irmer + Elze business will be sold in Europe as Chicago Pneumatic (CP) products as part of a wider expansion of the Chicago Pneumatic brand.

The Irmair compressors, which are built at Atlas Copco Airpower's facility in Antwerp, Belgium, will continue to be sold in certain markets, such as the Middle East, but will now be sold as CP in Europe. The rebranding will take place over the first two months of 2010.

Existing Irmair dealers in Europe will now be selling Chicago Pneumatic compressors.

The change is part of a much wider move to promote CP as a global brand by Atlas Copco, an initiative started in 2008. Customers will now be able to buy CP branded compressors and generators, hydraulic breakers and handheld tools, and light compaction and concrete equipment.

Construction equipment branded as CP was first introduced in 2008 and CP sales offices were opened in Russia, Central Europe, Africa and Asia.

CP's vice president of marketing, John Hort, said; "Chicago Pneumatic has global operations, a strong brand image worldwide and a wide product offering. We look forward to better serving our distributors and customers with the advantages this brand brings to the market."

CP portable compressors and generators are made in Brazil for the Brazilian market, in Belgium for Europe, in the US for the American market and also in China and India. The Liutech brand of compressors is used in China only.

In 2008 CP became the second brand within Atlas Copco to be used globally in all business areas. At the time Atlas Copco said CP would "complement the Atlas Copco brand in selected market segments to reach a wider group of customers."

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