Australian installation by ALE

13 November 2014

ALE’s Liebherr LR11350 in Cape Lambert, Western Australia

ALE’s Liebherr LR11350 in Cape Lambert, Western Australia

Heavy lift and transportation service provider ALE completed the transportation and installation of a 650 tonne column in Darwin, Australia.

To install the 650 tonne carbon dioxide absorber column, ALE used a 1,350 tonne capacity Liebherr LR11350 crawler crane. The heavy lift crane was also used to install 400 tonne car dumper cells at another project in Cape Lambert, Western Australia.

Filippo Anello, ALE projects and technical director in Darwin, said, “With limited space for the positioning and manoeuvring of the crane on a live gas plant, the lift and transport planning were carefully engineered to complete the operation safely.

“We completed the installation in three days. Just like the car dumper installation job in Cape Lambert, by using our specialist equipment and offering a bespoke and safe turnkey solution, we provided the tools and engineering expertise to complete the job within the timeframes and constraints of the clients.”

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