Autec to showcase series at ConExpo

24 February 2014

Autec Dynamic series for mobile applications

Autec Dynamic series for mobile applications

Radio remote controls manufacturer Autec, based in northern Italy, will show its new range of Dynamic radio controls at the ConExpo show in Las Vegas, USA, from 4 to 8 March.

Designed for mobile hydraulic machinery, the new addition to the Dynamic series includes the ARX receiver and the SOS system.

The ARX receiver is designed for mid-size and small applications. It has two safety outputs for stop or unintended movement from standstill (UMFS) function and can be connected to machine controls, such as the horn or engine.

The Supervised Operator System (SOS) has been designed to safely operate machines with man baskets in dangerous conditions, such as when maintenance personnel are operating close to live electrical power lines. “The system works by allowing a supervisor to intervene, if for example an operator is in trouble, by means of a second transmitting unit that can take control of the machine, disable the operator’s unit and bring the operator and the machine to safe conditions,” the manufacturer said.

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