Automated dust control now possible on site

By Lindsay Gale11 May 2010

Data from weather monitoring stations can now be used to automatically control large scale dust supp

Data from weather monitoring stations can now be used to automatically control large scale dust suppression

Dust Control Technology has combined with SMI Evaporative Solutions to develop a computer controlled automation system that monitors and manages dust suppression equipment. Driven by proprietary software, the resulting intelligent system can be programmed to manage start/stop cycles based on dust monitor readings, motion sensors, weather input or operator remote control. This allows users of DustBoss equipment to automatically adjust elevation, oscillation range and other features on any number of machines to provide improved suppression performance and reduce manpower requirements on large scale fixed installations.

According to Dust Control president Edwin Peterson; "Our dust suppression team has a unique understanding of material flow and fugitive particle control Issues. With SMI's engineering and manufacturing expertise, we've created a perfect strategic partnership to further advance the science of dust suppression."

He went on: "Adding automation technology to our product line brings a new dimension to dust management. Now customers with large scale operations involving many units can exert a level of monitoring and control that would require an entire staff of operators to achieve manually."

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