AWPT hits with new safety campaign

19 March 2008

The “Click It!” campaign is a result of companies advocating harness use while operating boom type l

The “Click It!” campaign is a result of companies advocating harness use while operating boom type lifts to avoid catapulting from the platform.

Translating IPAF's “Clunk Clink!” campaign stateside, the AWPT nnounced its North American mantra “Click It!” The safety campaign encourages all users of boom type platforms to wear a full ody harness with a short lanyard attached to a suitable anchor point.

To remind operators to wear a harness, AWPT has printed tickers that can be placed on the boom lift where they can be seen by all occupants in the latform. In addition, AWPT has made available a document titled

Technical Guidance Note AWPT 1” that provides information on Its recommendation for the proper se of harnesses and lanyards on ifferent types of aerial platforms. At Bauma, international versions of the program were launched at the IPAF stand including the German “Click Clack!”, Italian “Clic lac!”, French “Un petit Clic!” and ther versions of the program in Dutch and Spanish.

“In countries where the program has already been introduced, major rental companies and others took the initiative to promote the program because unnecessary fatal accidents were happening when occupants were catapulted out of boom platforms because they were not wearing harnesses,” said IPAF managing director Tim Whiteman. “These simple stickers can save lives.”

Skyjack has committed to placing the “Click It!” stickers on all boom lifts that leave its factory and a number of major rental companies have expressed interest in placing the stickers on all boom lifts in their rental fleet.

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