Bauer updates popular rotary drill

By Chris Sleight21 February 2012

New to the Bauer range is the BG 30 rotary drill rig, which replaces the BG 28-BS 80.

New to the Bauer range is the BG 30 rotary drill rig, which replaces the BG 28-BS 80.

Bauer's stand will feature the MC 64 from the company's foundations crane range, as well as an updated version of the BG 30-BS 95 rotary drilling rig. The new machine replaces the BG 28-BS 80 drilling rig, a popular machine that was launched in 2004. The new model incorporates a range of improvements suggested by customers as well as a new Stage IIIB-compliant diesel engine.

The requirement for more engine cooling has meant a redesign of the machine's uppercarriage, and this part of the machine has also seen the windh relocated towards the rear and upgraded to 274 kN of line pull. Meanwhile the counterweight now comprises horizontally mounted slabs which the company says are easier and safer to assemble as well as offering a more flexible configuration.

The rig will be exhibited with a Bauer torque multiplier (BTM) system mounted below the rotary drive, which allows it to be used to install cased continuous flight auger (CFA) piles.

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