Bauma China 2010: Stop Press

09 November 2010

The Bauma China exhibition will open its doors at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) in Shanghai, China on November 23. Already established as the largest and busiest construction equipment exhibition in Asia, the event is expected to attract well over 100000 visitors, and it will have 215000 m2 of exhibition space.

Such a vast audience of course means companies take the opportunity to launch new products. In the case of China's domestic manufacturers, these are usually global launches, while foreign companies tend to focus on introducing established products to the Chinese market for the first time, or products that have been developed with China particularly in mind.

The big news from Wirtgen will be the introduction of its Kleemann mobile crushers to the market. The company will have a brand new MR 110 ZS impact crusher on display, a unit that offers a 1.1 m feed opening and a throughput of 350 tonnes per hour.

Other models on the group's stand will be drawn from its various ranges of road building equipment, including six milling machines from Wirtgen and a new cold recycler, the WR 2000 XL, which is based on the WR 2000 but adapted to specific local market requirements. It can be equipped with an industry standard 2.00 m wide recycling drum, optionally with a 2.40 m recycling drum, and cuts up to 500 mm deep.

Sister company Vögele meanwhile will show 9 m and 13 m class pavers in the shape of the Super 1800-2 is equipped with an AB 600-2 screed (9 m) and the Super 2100-2 with a SB 250 TV screed (12 m). Also on show will be the company's SprayJet Module for paving thin layers. In the compact paver classes, the company will show its Super 800, Super 1103-2 and the Super 1300-2 models for jobs such as footpaths and cycle paths.

The focus of attention for Witgen's compaction specialist Hamm meanwhile will new quieter and more powerful rollers in its CompactLine, in the shape of the HD 8, HD 10 and HD 12. Further up the weight classes will be the HD 130 and the only real oscillation roller on the market in China, the HD O 120 V.

XGMA will be exhibiting a new wheeled loader powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The inherently higher energy content of this fuel, means that XBMA's CNG machine will have only about 50% of the fuel costs of a comparable diesel machine, and the company says it is also -40% quieter.

The company also said that the gas burns cleaner than diesel, producing fewer pollutants, and it also performs well in cold environments.

Casagrande's stand will feature the new B175 rig, a 42 tonne unit featuring a heavy duty undercarriage and able to deliver a rotary torque of 160 kNm at up to 32 rpm. The sophisticated electronic control system allows the entire rig to be monitored, and indeed personalized for flexibility and precision.

These systems also contribute to the B175's ease of use and safety - for example, the rig automatically re-centres the auger above the hole after discharging excavated material. It also has load cells that measure the pull of the ropes and prevent operations that could cause harm to people and to the machine, while a sensor automatically brakes the winch at the bottom of the hole, making digging much easier and faster.

The new B175 can be configured as a piling rig, casing oscillator model, continuous flight auger (CFA) unit, displacement pile rig, diaphragm wall cutter or with a soil mixing kit.

Vermeer will be using Bauma China to introduce its T1255 terrain leveller to China. The surface excavation machine can dig to a depth of 690 mm, with a width of 3.66 m, thanks to a direct hydrostatic transmission. The patented tilt head system allows the operator to automatically cut a level grade if the machine is off level by up to 5°.

Also new to China is the D750x900 horizontal directional drill for large diameter pipeline installation. The skid mounted D750x900 power pack contains the hydraulic pumps, two 450 kW Cat C18 diesel engines and offers easy access to daily service points. The unit delivers 0.34 tonnes of pullback force and a maximum spindle torque of 125 kN.

To help reduce wear and tear on the motor, the thrust box is equipped to include a large bearing pack assembly to absorb the axial load caused by thrust and pullback. Shifting the load off the rotational motors to the thrust box assembly helps eliminate one of the factors that can shorten the life of the motor.

Palfinger's stand will feature its high performance loader cranes, of which it has 40 in its range. The example on show will be the PK 50002 EH High Performance. In terms of new cranes, the company will take the wraps off its PS8000 model, a 3 tonne capacity crane which was developed specifically for the Asian market, for mounting on small and medium sized trucks.

Also on show will be its 'Pioneer' telescopic hook loader, which was developed in Asia, and will be exhibited mounted on a Dong Feng chassis.

Enerpac will launch the Pow'r-riser lifting jack at the show, a unit that can be either electric or air-powered. The unit can be rolled into place, and because it is self-contained it is easy to place, with no hoses or cables to worry about.

The main applications for this product in the construction industry are in the lifting of heavy equipment or objects. It can be used to service tires and other maintenance functions on heavy equipment, lifting and positioning of large constructed elements and many other applications that require heavy lifting equipment in remote locations.

The company will also show its new BP-Series battery powered hydraulic pump, for applications like powering small to medium size cylinders or hydraulic tools, or wherever portable cordless hydraulic power is needed. The 28-Volt Lithium-Ion battery pack delivers constant fade-free power for tools like cutters, spreaders and splitters.

Enarco's stand will include a new a mechanic vibrator with a comfortable, ergonomic backpack which allows mobility without having to depend on electrical power connections. The motor weighs some 7 kg and is mounted on a revolving base that isolates the operator from vibrations. The company will also show machines from its surfacing and compactor ranges.

Component news

Of course as well as being a launch pad for new machines, Bauma China also sees plenty of components, accessories and equipment sub-systems launched.

New products on show from Hawe Hydraulic will include the V60N variable displacement axial piston pump for open hydraulic circuits. The new controller contains an integrated pressure limitation function so that even unusual requirements can be me. Key features include a special set screw that serves as the sole adjusting element for the dampening and on-stroke velocity of the pump. This way incorrect settings can be as good as excluded. The V60N can handle peak pressures of 420 bar and has a maximum flow rate of 240 litres/minute.

Also new is the V30E-270 variable displacement axial-piston pump for concrete pumps, harbour cranes or large hydraulic excavators. Like the V60N, it has been designed for an operating pressure of up to 350 bar, with a peak pressure of 420 bar.

Tamtron will introduce its Pro+ 300 on-board weighing system for wheeled loaders. The company says the unit offers reliable weighing results in all working conditions, even on uneven surfaces, and it also has a USB port to allow results to be downloaded to a standard USB device.

In addition, the Pro+ 300 can be linked into Tamtron's internet server using mobile phone networks, providing real-time web access to weighing information regardless of where the machine is. The unit can also be linked into existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

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