Bauma debut for Elevek transport platform

By Lewis Tyler17 October 2022

The TP7 transport platform from Portugal-based manufacturer Elevek will be unveiled at Bauma 2022, according to the company.

A sketch of Elevek’s TP7 transport platform Elevek’s TP7 transport platform will be on show at Bauma 2022. (Photo: Elevek)

With a payload of 2 tonnes and a modular cabin size from 2.2m to 3.2m, the TP7 is said to be ideal for transporting materials with large dimensions with a medium to high load capacity.

Designed to meet EN16719 standards, the platform has two single cages can be combined to make a twin, which is said to ensure customers need just one model in the fleet to fit a range of applications.

The roof cover is telescopic and the doors of the TP7 can be used in the A, B or C areas, according to Elevek.

A 2.24m removable assembly platform is available for the TP7, which fits into the structure of the lift and can be extended into the mast.

It can be removed and used in other units so that the customer does not need to buy a separate one for each unit.

Another Elevek product on the stand will be the CH3250 personnel and material hoist, with a C door and 3m long space.

The length of the machine with added modules can be up to 4.8m, with the model at Bauma set to be with 4.2m offering a 3.2 tonne as payload.

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