Bauma launches for Palazzani

25 January 2019

3.Xiqu Center

A Ragno TSJ 27/R and XTJ 43/R have just been delivered to Xiqu Centre, the prestigious new home for traditional Chinese opera in the West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong. The machines will provide maintenance.

Palazzani is working on two new machines, set to be launched at Bauma Munich, in April this year.

The first news is a new tracked platform in the medium/high working height range. It will have a telescopic boom and telescopic flying jib and enter the manufacturer’s existing large range from 17m to 52. It will be available on track or wheels.

The new model incorporates several high-tech new features, designed to make control ‘smart and simple’. This include Telematics and advanced troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. The Palconnect kit is based on cloud technology, and available as an option for rental fleets owners to provide GPS, track driving routes, job site parameters, as well as information reports and inspection alerts from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The machine will have a new proportional hydraulic distributor using CAN bus technology to provide tight control across all functions, higher performances and advanced safety. The enhanced manoeuvrability translates to greater comfort and energy saving, plus a 30% faster machine

The telescopic boom is made from Strenx high strength steel and has an innovative shape for lightness and structural strength. Stowed dimensions will be compact and under 2m.

Find out what the second new machien at Palazzani’s stand.



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