Bauma Show Guide - Concrete

18 March 2016

Marini’s BE Tower has an output level of 160 tonnes per hour

Marini’s BE Tower has an output level of 160 tonnes per hour

Marini is presenting two new batch-mix asphalt plants – the Xpress 2500 and the BE Tower – with the former in the premium segment of the market, the latter in the value segment, but both promising reliability, longevity and low maintenance costs.

All modules of the Xpress are wheel mounted and easy to transport, and the plant is capable of producing several thousand tonnes of asphalt a year.

The plant promises all the features of a stationary plant, including the production of up to 200 tph, with the potential to discharge directly onto trucks.

The Xpress also promises flexibility, with the potential to install a double RAP metering line for up to 40% recycling – with one line feeding the ring on the dryer drum and the other line feeding directly into the mixer.

The BE Tower is designed with small and medium-sized companies in mind, with an output level of 160 tph. Compatible with all techniques currently in use, it incorporates warm mix and 30% recycling.

The plant’s containerised modules arrive, protected from atmospheric degradation and accidental damage, while pre-cabling of electrics for each module and to the drum-filter bar offers advantages such as a 40% reduction in ground reduction requirements.

Marini-Ermont’s Roadmaster family of continuous asphalt plants will also be on show in Munich, including the Roadmaster 120 and 160, which utilise Retroflux counterflow technology.

The RM 120 Allroad has been upgraded to overcome ground clearance issues, while benefitting from technological and ecological advances.

For its part, Cifa will be presenting a range of its products at Bauma, including truck mounted pumps, truck mixers and truck mixer pumps.

The company will be participating in the show along with all of the Zoomlion group companies in a large exhibition space, spreading out over more than 3800 m2. Some of the company’s key focus’ will be the development of hybrid technology, the launch of the various product ranges for vehicle-mounted pumps, and the launch of the various product ranges for truck mixers. It will also focus on electronic development.

For its range of vehicle-mounted pumps, Cifa said it has continued to implement diversification of the range, which is based on three lines: carbotech, steeltech and classic. It said these three different configuration’s help meet the variation needs of each area and each company.

For the truck mixers, Cifa has also divided up the range into segments with the heavy duty (HD), super light (SL) SLX, energya (E) and Italia RH-Y ranges.

The energya range (hybrid plug-in mixer truck) will be on display, as well as the model E9 HD range, and the model HD 15, which is a brand new product, exclusively for Bauma.

For its truck mixer pumps, the company continues its evolution of the magnum range. The MK25H carbotech will be on display, which has been further improved with the latest design and technical advancements derived from use of the machinery in job sites all over Europe.

And, for its underground concrete machinery, Cifa will present its new product for the Spritz Breton that belongs to the energya range.

The Ammann stand will see concrete plants and mixers developed by Ammann Elba, the company created when German-based Elba was acquired in 2014.

The new CBS Elba concrete mixing plant is designed for small- to medium-sized businesses seeking flexible concrete plant solutions. The company said that it featured state-of-the-art design based on customers’ needs, and offers output ranges from 105m³/h to 160m³/h.

The basic unit can accommodate both EMS and EMDW single-shaft and twin-shaft mixers with a hardened concrete output volume ranging from 2m³ to 3.5m³. Ammann said the CBS Elba offered easy, low-cost transportation for stationary and semi-mobile operation.

A new line of mobile and compact concrete-mixing plants also has been launched.

The first plant in the product family, the CBT 60 Elba Compact Concrete Mixing Plant, has an hourly output rate of 58m³/h. The entire compact line-up, available in the near future, will provide a performance range from 30m³/h to 130m³/h.

The CBT 60 Elba is equipped with an Elba EMS 1000 single-shaft mixer and an integrated linear batcher for storing between two and four aggregate components. Ammann claimed fast installation times and trouble-free relocation resulting from the elaborate folding mechanisms. No foundation is required for plant installation.

SBM said that with its Euromix concrete mixing plants, reductions in CO2 could be made as well as cost savings thanks to the mobility of the super mobile concrete mixing plants.

It said producing concrete directly on site reduced CO2 emissions by up to 25%, as the required concrete was produced in the immediate vicinity of the construction site resulting in optimised building site logistics.

The advantages of eco-friendly concrete production, it said, included just-in-time concrete production, reduced lorry traffic, rapid start-up and no need for foundations.

The SBM product portfolio includes the super mobile specialist Euromix 500 SM compact to produce UHPC (Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete).

There is also the Euromix 2000 SM, with a concrete output of 100m³/h which has been working successfully for more than 15 years.

Pilosio’s stand will measure 40 x 50m, at a height of 14.5m, and is made entirely using the MP Pilosio multidirectional scaffolding system. It has a total area of 2,000m2.

At Bauma, the company is presenting the full range of formwork for walls floors and ceilings, shoring for slabs and scaffolding in steel and aluminium, in addition to the new system for tunnels and viaducts. It said the entire range of products had been refined over the past few years.

In the formwork for walls series, a new lightweight aluminium formwork for the residential sector will be presented, as well as formwork such as Minimag, P300, Magnum Evo in galvanised steel, the Maximix system in wood and Svelt M for curved walls.

There will be Pilosio’s guided climbing system, the new 240 climbing brackets, the new wind screen protection system and 150 support bracket. Also on show will be the formwork for elevator shafts with conical stripping corners, and a retaining wall system.

There will be a gallery made of mixed steel and wood components for shoring system for tunnels and heavy duty, and a pillar with special formworks and the Maximix system.

As for the range of systems for casting slabs, Pilosio will present the new ST80 and ST50 flying tables, the Slabform system, the new aluminium prop Slabprop, Simplex towers and heavy duty MP towers in the multidirectional system, which can also be used as props.

Meanwhile, Doka plans a wide-ranging falsework, formwork and shoring showcase, including its Dokaflex 30 tec floor formwork system, designed for versatility; and its Framax Xlife plus framed formwork panels; boasting form-tie technology that can be operated from one side and has no wearing parts.

Other products targeting overseas markets will also be on the Doka stand, including the Load-bearing d3 tower, designed for particularly tall shoring heights and high loads, which Doka said expanded its product portfolio for Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

And the Doka UniKit shoring system was developed for the Latin American markets - a modular system for transferring heavy loads. Doka OneGo is also designed for South America, Southeast Asia and Middle Eastern markets - this is a system where walls and floors are cast in a single pour.

Doka’s range of supporting software and technology will also be showcased, as well as its service offerings and safety solutions.

Peri will be focusing on its latest formwork and scaffolding technology, particularly on a range of innovations and practical system enhancements, as well as further developments for different applications and target groups.

It said many of the latest innovations exploited the opportunities provided by the digital developments. A comprehensive portfolio will be presented, it said, ranging from simple, product-related apps for day-to-day work assignments through to more advanced CAD solutions and BIM applications.

While some existing Peri apps have undergone a facelift, the Multiflex configurator is said to help in simplifying the work required in determining beam and prop spacings for girder slab formwork. The app is said to offer the best possibilities to optimise the slab formwork with regard to the component needs – and to document the results directly in the form of a PDF file.

Also, product-related apps are said to provide the option of easily determining material requirements and parts lists for different shoring towers.

Peri said that several such working aids could be closely examined and assessed for the first time at Bauma.

Peri said it was involved in the possibilities and benefits of building information modelling (BIM). It said that for many years now, it had been common practice to link the three-dimensional planning solution with the time dimension via the cycle planning.

The Maximo, with its single-sided tie technology for wall formwork operations, is claimed to be the most efficient of the Peri formwork systems.

The Maximo MXK bracket system is said to provide maximum safety with minimum installation effort, and serves as a working platform for Maximo and TRIO Panel Formwork.

Variokit is the engineering construction kit for tunnels and bridge building as well as for project-specific structures. In addition to standard solutions, for example for the realisation of steel composite bridges and cantilevered parapets, the system components are also used for project-specific tunnel formwork carriages or heavy-duty structural solutions.

Driven by the current very high demand in the area of bridge refurbishment, Peri said it had accelerated the development of its activities for cantilevered parapet solutions. The result is a lightweight console solution for bridges which Peri said, thanks to the low individual component weight of maximum 20kg, could also be assembled by hand and was therefore useful in refurbishment operations.

Up to now, the SCS climbing bracket has been used on a standard basis as single-sided climbing formwork for dams, weirs, high retaining walls or tunnel walls. In addition, project-specific solutions for a number of double-sided applications with high concrete loads were realised – for example, inclined bridge piers and pylons.

Peri said that in close co-operation with users, it had now developed a solution for the double-sided application of the SCS brackets. The new scope of application includes the standardised use with anchored formwork for wall heights up to 6m.

Especially for use in high-rise building cores with medium to large dimensions, Peri has developed a new core self-climbing formwork. The system claims a very high load-bearing capacity, and even large placing boom masts can be climbed together with the formwork as well as being supported during operations, it said.

Friedr. Ischebeck said it planned to showcase a new 30kN support prop at Bauma, together with two new formwork products – the first is a new Ceiling system that extends the mounting possibilities of formwork beams, making them more flexible. Ischebeck said areas of application included bridge substructures, tunnel formwork carriages or cantilevered ceilings – wherever a horizontal support is required. A new panel connector will also be presented – the HV system.

In addition, the company said it had developed a micro pile that was much easier to install than standard variants. It said this new micro pile was well-suited to standard foundation work or for projects such as offshore wind power, tidal power plants or bridge structures.

Xylem plans to present enhancements to its Flygt 2000 drainage pump range, including the new 25kW Flygt 2190 mid-sized submersible dewatering pump. Built for tough, abrasives-laden liquids, the new model is available with two impeller options: the ‘Dura-Spin’, which safeguards against wear by sweeping abrasive particles away from the impeller neck; and the semi-open impeller which is said to increase uptime by preventing fibrous solids from obstructing the pump.

The new Flygt 2201 shares the same proven technology, and also offers a super-high head alternative with its two-stage hydraulics version. And the Flygt 2400 is said to be the first stainless steel-only pump in the Flygt 2400 series, targeted at customers in the mining sector with a durable, super-high-head pump suitable for transporting chemically-aggressive mine water.

BBA Pumps will be showcasing its new BA180E D315 model at Bauma.

The compact 8 inch dry self-priming pump provides a maximum capacity of 720 m³/h and a maximum head of 135 feet.

For the drive, BBA Pumps has chosen a modern Perkins diesel engine that meets stringent global emission standards.

Its key features include being supplied with in a sound attenuated canopy as standard, ensuing a low noise level and the best protection against dust, wind, rain and snow. An LC30 control panel, which is supported in 10 languages.

Due to its light weight it is easy to move around on-site, and the pump unit can also be mounted on a trailer.

The model also uses DriveOn technology, meaning it has now increased from 500 operational hours normal for standard engines to 1500 hours. The company said that changing oil and replacing filters has also become much easier.

The DE15 requires 65% less maintenance to the diesel engine and has improved fuel consumption by 25%.

The RF system – an exhaust module developed by BBA – provides the capability to equip the pump with an optional soot filter/catalytic module. BBA Pumps said this option reduces the exhaust emission to virtually zero. This gives more flexibility to the end user, allowing the new BA100K pump to be used in more locations, even in towns and city centres with the strictest environmental rules.

Henno Schothorst, product manager at BBA Pumps, said, “We received frequent requests for a more compact 12 inch waste water pump, because of the limited space available in urban areas for sewer bypass jobs.

“That’s why we are proud of this entirely new BA300E development, compared to the previous model it is now much easier to deploy for wastewater projects.”

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