Bauma showguide: earthmoving equipment

03 April 2019

Bell Equipment will display both new and proven models of its E-series truck range in Hall B5.148. Focal points will include the conversion to new emission regulations, model specific improvements and the group’s commitment to customer support strategies.

BELL_PreBauma_B45E4x4 2

The show will see the world premiere of Bell’s B45E 4x4

In addition to the world premiere of its latest ‘crossover’ model, the Bell B45E 4x4, the company’s 6x6 range, comprising seven models with payloads from 18.0 to 45.4 tonnes, will be represented by the Bell B20E LGP (Low Ground Pressure) – a new addition to many market regions – and the Bell B50E.

First launched two years ago in the United Kingdom, the Bell B20E LGP is based on the small B20 trucks, which have been successful in African markets for more than three decades. These 6x4 trucks, with a payload of 18.0 tonnes, are used in medium sized earth moving and civil engineering projects.

Bell Equipment will also update the market on the transition of its truck technology from emission level EU Stage IV/Tier 4f to meet the new EU Stage V regulations that became effective at the beginning of 2019.

The other big change occurs on the high-volume model Bell B30E, which includes the introduction of the new Allison 3400 XFE transmission. Separate circuits for brake and axle oils, with efficient cooling and filtering, allow the use of the optimal oil for each function, ensuring higher lubrication/braking performance with less maintenance.

From a new location at stand FN 817, Case Construction Equipment will focus on heritage and innovation, with Case showcasing a total of 15 machines and sister brand Iveco displaying four vehicles.

CASE 321F compact wheel loader (1)

A 321F compact wheeled loader will be one of the machines in Case’s urban construction sector

The Case 1121G wheeled loader features a Stage IV FPT Industrial engine without diesel particulate filters (DPF), delivering high-torque performance at low rpm.  An electronically controlled pump, larger main valve and multiple hydraulic sensors on the CX300D excavator are said to result in up to 6% greater breakout force.

Stationed in the urban construction sector will be the new CX90D excavator, the TV450 compact track loader, CX18C and CX37C excavators, a 570ST backhoe loader for non-regulated markets, a 321F compact wheeled loader and an Iveco Daily 4x4.  

The Case CX90D MSR completes the D series excavator range by adding a midi-sized option. This swing version has a Stage V Yanmar engine, with its 3.3 litre capacity producing 69HP.

Continuing the theme of enhanced operator experience, Case will also unveil an electrohydraulic (EH) control system for its 321F compact wheeled loader. The new hydraulic quick coupler will improve visibility, while a new frame for the forks increases the rollback angle.


Caterpillar’s next generation excavators will be on display

Caterpillar’s theme will be ‘Rewrite the Rules’ and the company will be displaying 64 machines, 20 of them new introductions, many in the earthmoving segment, in the main indoor exhibit in hall B6.

The equipment on display will include the D6 XE, the world’s first high-drive electric drive dozer, which is said to offer up to 35% better fuel efficiency than its D6T predecessor.

The wheeled loaders on display will be the 950 GC, 950M, 962M waste handler, 986K, and 992K, plus several XE models, such as the 966M XE, 972M XE, and 988K XE.

The 966M XE and 972M XE are equipped with the Caterpillar parallel path drive system that combines hydrostatic drive with a parallel mechanical-gear path to provide a continuously variable transmission that delivers flexible ratios to run the engine at proficient operating levels. This is said to ensure optimum efficiency and fuel economy.

The XE technology on the 966M XE and 972M XE is said to offer up to 35% more fuel efficiency, compared with wheeled loaders with conventional powershift transmission.

The 988K XE is the company’s first diesel/electric-drive loader, employing a durable switched-reluctance drive motor, generator, and inverter, coupled with a mechanical gear box and axles.

The US-based firm are also showing their Next Generation excavators, the new 330 GC, 330, and 336. The 330 and 336 are equipped with integrated Cat Connect Technology that, the company says, can increase operating efficiency up to 45% and enhance fuel efficiency by 20%.

Additional models on display include the 973K track loader and 325F, 340F UHD (ultra-high-demolition configuration), and 390F excavators. Wheeled excavators will be represented with the M314F, M315F, M317F, and the M318F.


The DX800LC-5B excavator will be the largest Doosan excavator in the US and Europe

One of the main attractions on Doosan Bobcat’s stand will be the launch of the company’s new Bobcat E10e electric mini excavator.

Said to be the market’s first fully-electric, zero tail swing mini excavator to be offered in the one tonne class, the E10e was developed at the Bobcat Innovation Centre in Dobris, Czech Republic. It is based on the design of the conventional E10 mini excavator, which is now called the E10z to reflect the fact that it has zero tail swing.

The E10e has a width of 72cm, allowing it to pass through standard doors, as well as in and out of lifts. This, coupled with the fact that it produces no emissions and very little noise, makes it ideal for indoor applications.

By coupling it with an optional Bobcat super-charger, the battery can be topped up while operators are on work breaks, allowing the E10e to operate for a full eight-hour working day.

Doosan Bobcat’s stand at Bauma will be divided into different application zones. The new E27, E34 and E35z R-Series mini excavators will form the core of the earthmoving zone.

The E27 has just 280mm of tail overhang, even with its optional heavy counterweight, and the E34 is fitted with a new spacious premium cab that has the option of air conditioning.

In the roadwork zone, the company’s new WS-SL20 wheel saw will be on display. It is designed to cut efficiently through asphalt, rock and concrete, and the variable segment wheel allows users to change the width of the wheel quickly in the field, rather than having to take it to a workshop for replacement.

In the landscaping zone, the E26 mini excavator from Bobcat’s new R series will be on display. To overcome a common issue in the rental market – the damage of equipment – the E26 is equipped with features said to make it more robust, such as the Cylinder-Inside-Boom. This protects the hydraulic piston from damage and stops the bucket from colliding with the cab.


Hidromek will display a range of earthmoving equipment, including wheeled loaders

Finally, in the demolition zone the company’s E10z mini excavator will be on show – more than 10,000 units have been sold over the past ten years. It offers a maximum digging depth of 1.82m and weighs 1,066kg. The patented side adjustable consoles accommodate hydraulic pilot pressure controlled joysticks.

Hidromek will display new equipment in Hall C5, including the H4 series excavators, HMK 635 WL wheeled loader, soil compactors and the new electric excavator, HMK 70 W.

The new H4 Series excavators have an electronic system with an increased capacity to display the condition of the machine and its integration with additional equipment. The red handles and warning labels on the new series of machines are designed to increase the operator’s safety.

On the HMK 70W electric excavator not only the engine, but the entire system, is different from the standard machines. The machine has an electric engine and a battery, with a one-time charge providing eight hours of usage. The standard socket on HMK 70 W allows for self-charging.

The HMK 145 LC SR crawler excavator aims to make the operator feel as comfortable as possible and uses an Opera Control System to facilitate the easy use of the machine. Having the ergonomics of heavier machines, the crawler excavator provides easy access for service and maintenance.

The HMK 130 and 110 CS soil compactors have a spacious look in the cabin, with large windows enabling a wide angle of view. They are also eqipped with multimedia control.

Finally, the HMK 635 WL wheeled loader is said by the company to be more environmentally friendly and productive with its Phase-5 Mercedes engine.

Hitachi zw95_6(03a)

Hitachi’s ZW95-6

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) will showcase over 30 machines, including the ZX210LC-6 super long front, ZX135US-6 with telescopic/sliding arm and ZX210X-6 ICT hydraulic excavators, ZX85USB-6/ZX65USB-6 compact excavators, ZW75-6/ZW95-6 wheeled excavators, ZX17U-6, ZX19-6, ZX19U-6, ZX55U-6, ZX33U-6 and ZX26U-6 mini excavators.

The ZW75-6 and ZW95-6 compact wheeled loaders are said to benefit from several enhancements to improve efficiency, comfort and performance for customers.

In addition to a new Stage V-compliant engine, the compact wheeled loaders are available with a DPF (diesel particulate filter) with passive regeneration as standard.

The new ZX210LC-6 SLF (super long front) excavator is said to be suitable for maintaining rivers and lakes, as well as slope finishing and landscaping. As one of the smaller models in this range, it has a maximum digging reach of 15m. It has been developed by Hitachi to meet the needs of European customers, and shares key components with the standard Zaxis-6 model. However, it is capable of reaching further and digging deeper – it can remove soil from depths of 11m.

The ZX210LC-6 SLF model has a heavier counterweight than the standard version, and the arm and boom are fitted with hose rupture valves, which will maintain the load in the cylinder in the unlikely event of a damaged hose.

The ZX85USB-6 compact excavator can be used with a variety of attachments and is said to be suitable for rental, utilities, foundation work, landscaping and indoor demolition or construction projects. It is equipped with a new Stage V-compliant engine, and a DPF aftertreatment device, and is fitted with an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) for reducing NOx and a DPF to reduce particulate matter.

The ZX135US-6 telescopic arm excavator from Hitachi is claimed to be the optimum solution for deep excavation on narrow job sites in urban environments. As the smallest model in the range, it occupies less than half the space of the largest model, the ZX350LC-6, and is capable of excavating to depths of 16.5m.

HX130 LCR_2pieceboom_4

Hyundai’s HX 130 LCR crawler excavator

Hyundai Construction Europe will be displaying six new machines on its 2,705m2 stand, with a number of the machines Stage V ready.

At the smaller end of the scale, Hyundai will be launching the new one tonne HX10 A mini excavator and the 8.5 tonne HX85A CR compact excavator, which is Stage V compliant.

Three of the new models will be crawler excavators – the Stage V HX220A L, the Stage V HX300A L, and the HX900 L, which replaces the R800LC-9.

Finally, the company will be introducing the HL960A wheeled loader, which is also Stage V ready.

The HX300A L, HX220A L and HL960A have engine connected diagnostics and machine connected diagnostics, which provide aftersales technicians and dealers with reports that show engine and machine performance.

They also give fault codes that help to reduce downtime because the correct technician can be sent with the right tools to fix any given problem.

These three machines also feature Eco Guidance, which indicates when an operator is using the machine inefficiently.  The company said this helped to break bad habits that consumed more fuel.

In addition, machine guidance and machine control are available on the HX300A L and HX220A L. This means the machine’s attachment can be controlled automatically to assist the driver, said Hyundai.

The machine guidance system displays the position of the bucket with respect to the pre-defined target surface, while the machine control will automatically control the grading.


John Deere is introducing two G-Series motor graders to the European market

John Deere has revealed that its construction equipment will be available in Europe for the first time in many years, with the US-based company introducing two G-Series motor graders to the European market via the Wirtgen Group distribution network in Germany and France. The two models – the 622GP and 672GP – will be at Bauma, and will be available in Germany and France from early this year.

Deere bought the Wirtgen Group – with the Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm, Kleemann and Benninghoven brands covering milling, processing, mixing, paving, compaction and rehabilitation operations – in 2017.

The introduction is said to be a result of increased interest in John Deere earthmoving equipment following the Wirtgen Group acquisition.

Deere said that with motor graders used in roadbuilding applications, the synergies between the Deere models and the Wirtgen portfolio, as well as thriving French and German markets, were determining factors in bringing the machines to the continent.

The European rollout focuses on the six-wheel drive 622GP and 672GP models that are said to feature fuel efficient Tier 4 Final John Deere diesel engines – 6.8 litre for the 622GP producing 169kW, and 9.0 litre for the 672GP providing 190kW.

Six-wheel drive with automatic differential lock is said to allow the machines to power through the toughest cuts, and to give operators increased traction in poor ground conditions or when working on ditches or side hills.


Komatsu Europe’s WA 480 hard at work

Over 30 Komatsu Europe machines and their attachments will be displayed, including numerous pieces of earthmoving equipment.

From the versatile MR-5 mini excavators to a PC4000 mining excavator, and from the newer dash 8 backhoe loaders, dash 11 excavators and dash 8 wheeled loaders to other well-recognised Komatsu models, the entire Komatsu Europe range will be represented. There will be a focus on safety, innovative designs and comfort.

The recent HB215LC-3 and the heavier HB365NLC-3 hybrid excavators, both with an EU Stage IV engine, will promote Komatsu’s hybrid technology and its workability, ecology and economy for customers.

Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control will be highlighted on the demo area, with several hydraulic excavators and crawler dozers.

Kubota will use Bauma to complete its dash-4 range, with the launch of the 3.7 tonne KX037-4, which will replace the KX101-3a4.

The machine includes what Kubota described as standard features, such as four top frame tie-down points and Kubota’s engine safe start system plus a hydraulic lockout on the left-hand console.

There are optional safety valves for the boom, arm and dozer.

The cab is 40% wider than the previous model. The machine is powered by a Stage V 17.8kW Kubota engine.

The company will also be showing a wide selection of its tracked dumpers and wheeled loaders.

On the wheeled loader side, it will have new models in the 1.6 to 2.8 tonne range, the RT160, RT210 and RT280. Some of these have already been sold, but it will be their first showing at an international show.

Kubota also promises something else at Bauma that it said would only be revealed at the show itself.

LiuGong 909ECR Compact Excavator

LiuGong’s 909ECR is said to be able to use a wide variety of attachments

LiuGong and Dressta will showcase a 20-machine line up of equipment designed for the world’s toughest conditions. This line-up is said to demonstrates the company’s capability to deliver machines for every major application; mining, quarry and aggregate, demolition, material handling, utilities, landscaping, road and highway and agriculture – although there will be no shortage of earthmoving equipmet.

The six new machines making their Bauma debut include new wheeled loaders, excavators, and two new dozers from Dressta. LiuGong and Dressta say that their principal aim at the show is to gain insight into what customers really need.

The new 909 ECR excavator has been designed in close co-operation with UK plant hire customers to fill a gap in the UK’s rapidly growing rental market. The 909ECR is able to use a wide variety of attachments, ranging from buckets to hammers, in road and inner-city applications.

Versatility is a key demand for customers operating in waste and recycling applications.

The 848H wheeled loader with new Ergo transmission delivers multi-tool flexibility with maximum power, minimum emissions and a safe operator environment. The new Cummins QSB6.7 combined with a wet axel and a 5-speed transmission, with a lock-up clutch torque converter as standard, complies with Stage 4 regulations. Advanced load sensing hydraulics and auto shift transmission  are said to ensure rapid cycle times. Productivity is said to be further enhanced by LiuGong’s quick coupler which enables fast and easy swapping of attachments.

With a new Stage V engine, the 856H wheeled loader brings LiuGong’s performance capability to customers in material handling and aggregate preparation. As well as complying with the latest EU Emissions regulations, customer clinics also highlighted load and carry and cycle speeds as crucial to the success of machines in this segment.

An ergonomically designed joystick is said to further enhance the operator comfort and increases total productivity. Silicone oil shock absorbers improve the ride quality over the roughest terrain and help prevent material spillage.

The 890H wheeled loader has a Cummins Stage 4 engine designed to develop more power at low speed, maximising torque output. The power shift transmission and advanced load sensing hydraulics combine to deliver superior breakout force with speed and agility. Efficiency is said to be improved further by the Intelligent Power Cut Off function, which improves braking and supports the hydraulics in reducing fuel consumption.

The UK industrial design team along with R&D conducted customer research into the operator’s world before designing the new TD-15 and TD-25 crawler dozers.

The TD-15 is a new machine which benefits from a Stage V compliant powertrain and has been designed to offer maximum versatility through the widest choice of frame structures and blades. New load sensing steering provides precise blade and ripper control and is said to reduce fuel consumption up to 10%. The TD-15 also benefits from a new cab design.


Liebherr will be showing its next generation excavators

The TD-25 dozer is a new machine in which visibility and safety are said to have been improved, with 30% more glass in the cab and the inclusion of rear cameras. A new Bogie undercarriage design delivers comfort for the operator, especially on extreme rocky application and still delivers the best in class drawbar pull and productivity. The operator environment has been improved within the pressurised cab, with special attention on the operational ergonomics to improve efficiency and reduce fatigue.

Liebherr’s 14,000m2 outdoor stand, as well as indoor areas in halls A4 and B5, will allow it to present its latest product developments and innovations from across the whole range of construction machines, including earthmoving.

With its message, ‘Together. Now & Tomorrow’, the group will show more than 60 exhibits outside at the show. Liebherr will also present its latest components inside on a showroom floor of nearly 450m2, where the focus will be on condition monitoring and system solutions.

Throughout 2019, Liebherr will be introducing its new generation of earthmoving crawler excavators. During the first phase, seven new models will be released in the 22 to 45 tonne range. The new, eighth generation crawler excavators are said to guarantee more power, more productivity, increased safety and greater comfort for the operator.

For the new XPower large wheeled loader, visitors benefit from  a total package with smart assistance systems. Features also include the new rear bystander detection and a built-in, sensor-powered tyre-monitoring system.


Sany’s new hydraulic crawler excavator, SY155U

All these systems are developed by the Liebherr Group so they can be fully integrated into the control systems of the machinery.

Sany will be showing a number of new products at the event, with the earthmoving equipment department launching three new models and giving a preview of a prototype 8-ton (7.2 tonne) short tail excavator.

The new hydraulic crawler excavator SY155U with short tail will compete in the important European 14-ton (12.7 tonne) class. It is powered by an Isuzu engine and Kawasaki hydraulics. The machine will be offered with multiple standard options.

The new wheeled excavator SY155W will be the first mobile excavator launched by Sany for the European market. Powered with a Deutz engine, ZF driveline, Bosch Rexroth hydraulics and a 2-piece boom, this model will be able to compete in all demanding markets.

The newly upgraded Terex Trucks TA300 articulated hauler will be at Bauma – the first time the machine has been displayed at an international trade show.

The company said the Terex Trucks team planned to show visitors how the company’s two articulated haulers – the TA300 and TA400 – deliver low total cost of ownership and high productivity at jobs including large-scale construction projects, infrastructure developments and quarries.

Paul Douglas, managing director, said, “The articulated hauler is the only product Terex Trucks manufactures – so therefore we’re able to focus all our attention on this machine. We are the experts in all things articulated hauler.”


The updated version of Terex’s TA300 is said to have improvements in fuel efficiency, performance and productivity

He said the company would also be discussing the investments and improvements it has made in its product line and its growing dealer network.

The updated version of the TA300  is said to have improvements in fuel efficiency, performance, productivity and operator comfort.

Since August, the TA300 has incorporated the new EP320 transmission, which comes with two additional forward gears – eight in total – as well as four reverse gears. This is said to help to ensure smoother gear shifting and, therefore, better operator comfort.

Bauma 2019 will be the first major industry event following the recent announcement that Volvo CE is to go electric on its Volvo-branded compact excavators and compact wheel loaders in 2020.

The first two hydraulic-electric machines will be unveiled, followed by a staged market-by-market introduction and ramp up in 2020.

New excavators that will be launched at the show include the 20 ton (18.1 tonne) EC200E, alongside the EC15-EC20E compact excavators.


New Volvo excavators that will be launched at the show include the EC200E

The EC200E is said to be purpose-built to meet the needs of the highly demanding medium-duty market. Its specifications position it between the company’s existing EC220E and EC180E units in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.  The compact excavators are said to be ideal for in-house operations or as part of a rental fleet, and suitable for construction, utilities, road infrastructure and more.

Demonstrating not only the breadth of Volvo’s excavator line, but also its length, will be the new EC750E high-reach demolition excavator.

There will also be launches of the EC300E hydraulic-hybrid excavator and an EC220E that features Volvo Active Control automated boom and bucket movements for a more efficient digging process.

Wacker Neuson and Kramer will focus on its zero emissions portfolio, which includes earthmoving equipment, such as electric wheeled loaders, electric dumpers and electric mini excavators.

Wacker Neuson_EZ17e_action_01

Wacker Neuson’s new EZ17e will be at Bauma

Some of the new products in the zero-emission portfolio include the fully electric EZ17e zero tail mini excavator and the DW15e electric wheel dumper.

The zero-emission product line from Wacker Neuson was nominated for the Bauma Innovation Award 2019 in the category ‘Machine’. The winners will be announced in April as part of the Bauma opening in Munich, Germany.

Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe will give the 2.3 tonne Vi023-6 mini excavator its global launch at the show. A zero tailswing model, the Vi023-6 will complement Yanmar’s existing conventional model of a similar size, the SB22.

The new machine has an expandable undercarriage (although not in Japan), which that can be extended from 1380mm to 1550mm, offering greater stability and reflecting the trend to use heavier attachments on even small machines. Yanmar said the machine will have a lot of potential for the rental industry and that it performs close to a 2.5 tonne class machine.

It will share some of the features of larger models, including an Eco mode to save fuel, and will use, for example, the same controls and instruments as the company’s five tonne excavator. It has a transport weight of 2365kg, including cabin, standard counterweights and standard arm.

Also new will be two eight tonne models, the Vi082 and the Vi080-2PB, which features a two-piece articulating main boom in contrast to the monoboom design of the Vi082.

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