Bauma Stop Press

25 March 2008

With Around 3000 Exhibitors And Some 530000 m2 of exhibition space, there is no construction equipment exhibition in the world quite like Bauma. It is likely to attract more than 400000 visitors, and being the biggest show in the industry's calendar, it will be the launch pad for several-thousand new machines.

Following the introduction of Stage IIIA engine emissions laws for engines in the 19 to 37 and 75 to 130 kW powerbands, exhibitors can expect to see a plethora of new machines on show featuring these engines. One of the largest stands is sure to be Cummins'. The company says that along with the latest range of Tier 3/Stage IIIA compliant engines will be its A Series units, which it claims are the first production Tier 4/Stage IIIB compliant engines to appear on the market. Cummins says its Tier 4/Stage IIIB technology is built on the identical industrial engine range that was launched for Tier 2/Stage II, in 2002. The A Series engines range from 23 to 35 kW, with a configuration that provides manufacturers with long-term platform stability. The 3-cylinder A1700 and four cylinder A2000 and A2300 units are ideal for compact construction equipment. According to the company, they provide high power density and a compact envelope, ideal for skid steers, mini excavators, rollers and all other forms of compact equipment.

In a slightly different vein, Deutz will be showing a hybrid engine-powered construction vehicle produced in conjunction with Weyhausen. Specific information on the machine is not yet available, however, it will definitely be worth a look.

In addition to this, Deutz will be showing its 2010 series of engines, with outputs up to 75 kW. Compliant with Tier 3/Stage IIIA, the basic concept of these engines will be used to take Deutz into Tier 4/Stage IIIB and beyond.

The engines are four cylinder turbocharged units with a displacement of 3,5 litres, available with charge air-cooling as an option, depending on the application. Testing on these new units will be carried out over 2007, with production expected to begin in the second half of 2008.

Also on the stand will be the latest versions of the proven 2011 series compact engines, which are now available with water-cooling. The primary reasons for this development, says Deutz, primary reasons for this development, says Deutz, was customer requests for higher outputs with unchanged installation space, as well as the need to meet the Tier 3/Stage IIIA emission limits.

Kubota's new engines in its 07 Series will have centre stage on its stand. The 3 litre V3007-DI-T and 3,3 litre V3307-DI-T offer 50 to 55 kW of power and feature direct injection and turbo charging. According to Kubota, both engines are very compact, with sizes comparable to a conventional 2,2 litre engine. The company has achieved the small size through side mounting of the power take off, rather than from the fly-wheel. Both engines feature centre injection and are ready for common rail fuel delivery and electronic control to meet Tier 4/Stage IIIB.

Italy's Lombardini will also be launching the first three models in a new range of 15LD range of 15LD silenced 1-cylinder air cooled diesel engines. The new 225S, 350S and 440S will offer between 3 and 8,8 kW of power, but will generate up to 4 d(B)A less noise than a conventional engine of the same size.

The injection systems and internal cylinders on the silenced engines has been redesigned to achieve the lower noise levels without changing the external size of the 15LD engines. Although silencing is not mandatory for this size of engine, Lombardini believes that use of the engines will help OEMs achieve overall noise reduction targets for completed machines. The full range is expected to be available in 2008.

Perkins will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary at Bauma, and will have its latest ranges of engine on show, with particular emphasis being placed on the 10 model 400 Series range of compact units. The 402D-05 (10,2 kW) and the 404D-05 (38 kW) will be on the stand.

Three new units have been added to the range in the shape of the 30 kW turbocharged 403D-15T, the naturally aspirated 403D-17, and the 49,2 kW 404D-22TA (turbocharged and aftercooled).

Also on the stand will be representative models from the company's 1100 Series products. Based around a 1,1 litre platform, the engines are available in forms that suit the needs of OEMs for units that are suitable for non-regulated markets through to Tier 3/Stage IIIA compliant units.

Sweden's Scania will be debuting three new engines at this year's Bauma exhibition. The largest will be the 16 litre V8 DC16 EMS, which produces 420 kW of power and has been designed to produce lower levels of emissions to meet the requirements of Stage IIIA.

Scania will also be presenting the 9 litre 5-cylinder DC9 EMS (243 kW) and the 12 litre 6-cylinder DC12 DC9 EMS (243 kW) and the 12 litre 6-cylinder DC12 EMS (331 kW) engines, both of which are also Tier 4/Stage IIIA compliant. Lower emissions on all three engines have been achieved through the use of a revised combustion chamber, a refined injector angle and an improved camshaft.

Yanmar will also be displaying the latest versions of its engines, which have been designed to meet the next phase of Tier 3/Stage IIIA that will come into force on 1 January 2008. The company has used electronic governing on its engines in the 37 to 63 kW powerband to meet these new emissions regulations, and according to the company, this has enabled it to keep the power output and external size of the engines the same.


Of course Bauma is not just about “big yellow diggers”, and making these machines move requires more than just an engine. Axiomatic, for example, will be showing a valve controller, which can drive up to six on/off hydraulic valves at 5 Amps over an SAE J1939 network or a CAN open network. The user can also select pulsed, timed or PWM output types.

The controller accepts up to two analog and three digital inputs, and the user can select PWM, Frequency/RPM or 16-bit Counter inputs, which can be configured to measure the input value and send the data to a CAN network. In addition, any output can be configured to use any of the inputs as a control signal, or an enable, instead of taking the command information from the CAN bus.

Standard embedded software is provided. Settings are user configurable via an Axiomatic PC-based Electronic Assistant, interfacing via an Axiomatic USB-CAN device.

Also on the stand will be the company's Electronic Assistant (EA), a software configuration tool that runs on a PC connected to a J1939 bus via an Axiomatic USB to CAN converter. Once connected, the EA will find all the Electronic Control Units (ECU) on the bus. This allows a user to quickly configure Axiomatic's ECU for the desired performance over a wide variety of applications.

In addition to promoting its complete undercarriage systems, Italy's Berco will be exhibiting its forged components, which the company claims are better quality than cast parts.

New items in its forged range include track shoes, which are available in lengths ranging from 800 to 1150 mm, and forged sprockets and track links for dozers. Berco will also be unveiling a range of forged components for mini excavators to replace its existing range of cast parts.

Another Italian company in the components sector is Carraro. The company will be showing a new integrated drivetrain for backhoe loaders with servo synchro transmission and a final drive for 600 tonne class mining excavators.

The backhoe loader drivetrain is composed of a 26.22 front axle, TLB1 servo synchro transmission and a 28.48 rear axle. According to Carraro, the TLB1 offers significant advantages over a Power Shift transmission, including reduced power loss, simplified architecture: fewer components, less complex parts, easier installation, and its TRAX electronic control unit.

The F1300 final drive for 600 tonne class mining excavators benefits from high capacity taper roller bearings, improved gear grinding, advanced heat treatment and the use of ductile steel.

Elsewhere, Dana will be showing several new products including a driveline system for telehandlers with engines up to 90 kW. The system is designed to provide increased productivity, higher reach, higher lift capacity, and greater versatility to accommodate a wide variety of tools.

With a maximum lift capacity of 4 tonnes, the system is composed of two Spicer 212 axles, a Spicer HSR08 powershuttle transmission, and two Spicer 1410 Series driveshafts. The new four-speed transmission, with Tier 3/Stage IIIA engine capacity, gives 800 Nm of converter output torque.

Also new is a front-end loader system, which comprises a Spicer 114 front axle and 113 rear axle, a Spicer 319 gearbox, and the Spicer Compact 2035 Series Driveshaft, which is a suitable drivetrain solution for 16 tonne front-end loaders. The 114 axle is the latest addition to Dana's products for front-end loaders from 3 to 50 tonnes.

Engineered specifically for heavy-duty off-highway applications, the Spicer Hercules 37R axle features a rigid three-piece load supporting design with a differential carrier, housing arm, planetary wheel-end, and outboard wheel speed Posi-Stop brakes. Extra-high capacity wheel-end bearings and heavy section modular structural components allow for a wide range of vehicle weights, tracks, tires, and chain combinations.

Elsewhere, Engcon's EC-oil is a hitch that works like a traditional adaptor bracket. From inside the cab, the operator hooks the front edge of the bracket and tilts the hitch down into the locked bracket and tilts the hitch down into the locked position. A hydraulic cylinder pushes the implement into the correct position. This activates the hydraulic look, and the hydraulic lines are automatically connected at the same time. The hydraulic located on the outside, so there's no limit to the size of the couplings used.

Also new is Engcon's universal hitch for its tiltrotator. Designed to shorten lead times for direct couplings. Unfinished couplings stored at the factory can easily be adapted to different widths subject to a customer's requirements. More details will be available at the show.

Engcon's EC02 tiltrotator for mini excavators from 1,5 to 3 tonnes will also be on the company's stand. Visitors will be able to see it demonstrated at the show.

Hose and tubing specialist Eaton Fluid Power will be unveiling its Next Generation connector at Bauma. The connector is threadless and allows Eaton's water and hydraulic hoses to be plugged straight into the threaded port without the need for an adapter. According to Eaton, this is the only system of its kind available and will make on-site repairs both quicker and simpler to carry out.

Fozmula will be showing two new products at Bauma for liquid level measurement, the T/LL130 Series of liquid level sensors, and the S80 Series of liquid level switches. The T/LL130 Series of “intelligent capacity sensors” is available in lengths from 80 mm to 2,5 m. Because there are no moving parts they are ideal in situations where there is liquid turbulence.

Customers can choose T/LL130's with resistance, voltage or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) outputs enabling them to be used as a direct replacement for existing senders and sensors, or linked to a PC based engine management system (using a voltage or PWM output). It can also be specified with a manual calibration feature allowing it to be recalibrated for use in different liquids.

The S80 Series of programmable liquid level switches provides customers with many different switching options such as “on” or “off” when liquid levels rise and fall and “variable delays” on switching (an invaluable feature in situations where there is liquid turbulence).

Both products have been tested for extreme vibration tolerance and low, -40°C, and high, +90°C, temperatures, making them suitable for operation in demanding environments.

Two new seats with integrated controls come from Grammer. The Actimo Evolution comes come from Grammer. The Actimo Evolution comes in two versions: one for loaders and dump trucks, and another for excavators. Its controls provide tactile feedback and are arranged in two levels; those more frequently used are at the top of the control stick. The seat automatically adjusts itself to driver's weight and position, and it incorporates a low natural frequency suspension system to dampen vibration.

The MSG97EAC/742 looks similar to the Evolution model, but includes an electronic system that dynamically adjusts the seat's pneumatic suspension to further reduce vibration transmitted to the operator.

Groeneveld will be showing its OnePlus, an automatic two-grease greasing system with an electrical pump for use on mini and mid-sized off-highway vehicles, industrial equipment such as lift trucks and sweepers, and transport vehicles.

OnePlus, is a compact, low-price, two-grease greasing system for the thicker NLGI 2 grease required by certain brands of off-road and industrial machines. All main OnePlus components, including its electric plunger pump, the electronics and the transparent grease reservoir with follower piston, have been fitted into one compact housing, that have been fitted into one compact housing, that can be installed on almost any off-highway vehicle. Distribution blocks are included. With only two switches, one for the cycle time and one for the grease output.

The system greases frequently and in small doses, resulting in minimum grease consumption and maximum effect. This means less wear, reduced maintenance and down time and increased machine life.

HBC-radiomatic will have several new products at Bauma, including its new technos transmitter. The company is rather reticient to provide details but has told CE it features an “innovative” display, and a new radiomatic icon multifunction switch. The new transmitter will be suitable for a variety of equipment including, cranes and concrete pumps.

The company will also be showing a range of The company will also be showing a range of receivers for stationary and mobile equipment, and a new version of its spectrum one transmitter. More details will be available at the show.

Linde Hydraulics will be showing its HPV-02 CA axial piston pump for wheeled loaders, telehandlers and mining vehicles. Speed controlled, it features optional secondary control of the hydraulic motor for stepless control using the accelerator pedal, as well as determining power distribution between the work and propulsion hydraulics. Precise control settings enable full use of available power and controlled torque formation. The HPV-02 CA is initially available in 55 ccm/rev and 75 ccm/rev sizes.

Also new from the company is the LSC (Synchronous Control Counts), a modular valve plate system and compact monoblock unit for optimum power usage compact monoblock unit for optimum power usage during the working cycle. Integrating various valve functions in the monoblock eliminates the need for complex hose and pipe work, which boosts overall efficiency of the hydraulic system.

Depending on the pressure level and the way in which the individual actuators are prioritised, Linde can design the LSC system as either a single-circuit or dual-circuit system. Precise, proportionate actuator control takes place either hydraulically or electrically.

The company's new LinDiag software allows easy set-up and fast diagnostics of its CED and CEB electronic driving control units, for drives in closed-loop and open-loop applications. Using the software optimises the drive system. While the ‘teach-in-function' matches the system components – joystick, pedal, diesel engine, hydraulic pump and motor.

Precision laser and machine automation systems manufacturer Mikrofyn will be showing its VisualDigger 3D, an extremely user-friendly and effective 3D machine automation system for excavators and dozers, according to the company.

The VisualDigger 3D works by transferring a 3D-design file directly from an office PC to the machine's XC3D control box. The screen shows the structure of the road and the operator is ready to work immediately. A GPS receiver or total station can be added for help in positioning the machine.

OilQuick's “intelligent” quick coupler system allows operators to change work tools fully automatically directly from the cab, and is suitable for excavators, wheel loaders and material handling machines. Hydraulic attachments such as breakers, shears, compactors, sorting grabs, screener crushers etc. can be changed in less than 15 seconds. The quick coupler is suitable for excavators from 2 to 120 tonnes.

UK-based Prolec will be exhibiting a wide range of new and existing products at Bauma. While the company is keeping many of those new products under wraps until the show, it has told CE visitors can expect to see its latest 3D machine control system, Digmaster Pro. Using its graphical user interface (GUI) it displays digital terrain maps (DTM) in a wide range of file formats, using Prolec's ProJob software package.

Other machine control products on display will be the entry-level 2D system Digmaster III and Prolec's “flagship” pcX-3D system. The pcX-3D can be used on a variety of equipment, and the latest additions to the system are for use on drilling and piling rigs.

Also new is its Rangemaster software, which monitors the operating envelope of an excavator's bucket. More details will be available at the show.

Rexroth has expanded its line of external gear units with two new SILENCE pumps. Users can now select from more than 5000 pump variants and over 500 motor variants in its modular line of external gear units to find the right configuration for a wide range equipment and power bands. A for a wide range equipment and power bands. A configuration tool is available via the Internet at

The redesigned B and G Series of SILENCE pumps feature increased displacements, up to 7 cm3/rev for the B Series and 63 cm3/rev for the G Series. For special requirements, such as high numbers of load cycles and long service life, cast-iron versions are also available.

The U and T Series of the SILENCE pump is available in two sizes and feature low noise and vibrations. Displacements between 4 and 63 cm3/rev are available.

The individual or combined multiple external gear pumps are designed for machines and systems with a maximum operating pressure of 280 bar and cover a speed range up to 6000 rpm. The external gear motors are characterised by low starting pressure and, like the pumps, offer a high starting pressure and, like the pumps, offer a high power density and high efficiency with economical lifecycle costs.

ZF will show its new 1 and 2 HC 85 compact hydrostatic drivelines for construction equipment up to 9,5 tonnes. Features include vehicle speeds of up to 42 km/hour, increased operator comfort and no interruption of traction for improved handling performance. The electronically controlled driveline provides low start speeds, reduced fuel consumption, low noise during operation and there consumption, low noise during operation and there is no need to fit external pipes and valves.

Also new is the CML 10 (Concrete Mixer Lowspeed) Ecomix II transmission for concrete mixers up to 10 m3 drum capacity. About -20% lighter and -50% shorter than the previous model, the new Ecomix II benefits from an increase of the axial run-out, while a new bearing concept means the installation angle, up to 20°, is no longer dependent on drum size and drum filling. Serviceability has been improved thanks to an adapted, low weight and low speed-hydro motor, separate oil for the transmission and hydrostatic systems as well as improved accessibility.


Keeping a piece of construction equipment on the move, and in top working condition requires filters, tyres and, more often than not, a variety of wear parts, such as bucket teeth. Combi's new PI D/E 04-07 tooth system for buckets on excavators above 80 tonnes features a new, low profile, streamlined design, which, says the company, is stronger and has tooth/adapter coupling surfaces that reduce friction. Wedge-shaped locks install vertically, using a 2 kg hammer, in the middle of the coupling geometry, from above the bucket.

Combi will also be showing the PI D/E 05-07, for carriers of less than 10 tonnes. The continually selfsharpening teeth, available in two sizes and either flat or pointed in shape, are hardened to 500 HB. They withstand bucket breakout forces of 35 or 55 kN (excavators) and 65 or 85 kN (loaders).

Elsewhere, Esco will be showing its new EverSharp mechanical lip and shroud system for underground loaders by Sandvik, Caterpillar, and Atlas Copco. The shroud attaches without a hammer to weldedon base pieces to provide high-impact, slim profile bucket lips. The company will also show its new line of chrome white iron wear bars and buttons (50 to 125 cm in diameter).

Also in the componets sector will be US-based Everpads, who will be showcasing its range of paver pads and rubber track pads, together with its range of parts for cold milling machines, including conveyor belts, scrape blades, cutting tools and tool holders. Also on the stand will be its latest cutting tools.

Michelin will be launching a new electronic monitoring system to measure tyre temperature and pressure in real time, the Michelin Earth-mover Management System (MEMS).

The system uses a transceiver fixed in the tyre to send information to an in cab unit, which can pass information via GPRS to the site office. According to Michelin, the system will help ensure that tyres are kept in the optimum condition to maximise service life and minimise downtime.

Michelin is also launching three new tyre ranges for the construction sector. The Power CL is for use on telehandlers, backhoe and compact wheeled loaders and has been designed to increase stability and resistance to punctures.

The Super Terrain AD was first launch in 2006 but is now available in a new size for use on 40 tonne ADTs. The new design has an increased tread depth that helps to boost traction by up to +10% while also increasing puncture resistance.

Besides celebrating its 50th anniversary at this year's Bauma, Spain's MTG will be showing several new products, including ProMet for the side panels on excavator and wheeled/tracked loader buckets. Using the MTGtwist system it comprises a locking block, a weldable base and a lip protector. Designed to increase bucket protection and improve machine performance, while helping reduce downtime, ProMet is also available for between the bucket's teeth.

The company has also added to its Starmet tooth adaptor system for buckets on 60 to 400 tonne excavators with the introduction of new designs for 70 to 350 tonne machines. The company has also extended its MTG Plus Side-Pin with extra sizes now available.

Swedish steel producer SSAB will be presenting a new abrasive resistant steel pipe, which the company developed with one of its customers. According to SSAB, the Hardox Pipe has a wide range of applications but is especially suited for use in the aggregates industry.

In addition, SSAB will also launch a new version of its Weldox steel – Weldox 1300 is designed to have a higher yield strength but to be lighter than previous versions of the Weldox range. The new version has come as a result of research and development for a customer but is expected to have particular benefits for OEMs looking to strengthen construction equipment without adding to the weight.

Other developments from SSAB will include Hardox Extreme wear plates, which are designed to provide a cost effective alternative for wear plates that traditionally needed overlays to extend service life.

Germany-based Witzenmann will be showing a range of gas-tight piping and connecting elements that compensate for movement, vibration and thermal expansion, and enable economic implementation of environmentally-friendly engine technologies, according to the company.

Expansion joints in the exhaust system – in front or behind the turbocharger as well as in the area of supercharged air – absorb thermal expansion, vibrations and mounting tolerances. Depending on the requirement, Witzenmann's bellow elements are made of stainless steel or nickel-based alloys.

Exhaust and oil recirculation pipes serve to reduce emissions and ensure engines and aggregates are supplied with oil. They compensate thermal extensions, mounting tolerances, vibrations and aggregate movement. These flexible elements are also able to function at extreme temperatures.

Witzenmann's flexible air ducts ensure gas and oil tight intake air and supercharged air supply of engines and aggregates. They are designed as a flexible pipeline with bellow elements or as a metallic hose, and can also be used in areas subjected to temperature extremes. Versions are available with bolt flange, slide seat, individual supports or customer-specified connecting elements.

Bent piping systems as a combination of rigid as well as flexible components are used as pressure-tight systems in gas and/or fluid cycles. They combine simple assembly with a reliable compensation of mounting tolerances and aggregate movement.


Ausa's new D 1000AP and D 1000APG site dumpers are 10 tonne capacity models, with a front-end or rotary unloading system. Powered by a Kubota 105CV turbo-powered diesel engine, they are just 2,48 m wide, while the operator's seat, with ROPS bars, is 395 mm higher than Ausa's D 600AP.

The 4x4 machines' ergonomic controls are all within easy reach. A turning circle of 5,95 m, with a ground clearence of 490 mm means the new dumpers are ideal for small, cramped sites, or rough terrain.

Hydrema will be showing five new machines at Bauma, including its new D Series 912 dump truck and 906 and 926 loader/excavators, alongside its M1400 and M1700 C Series2 compact excavators.

The 906 and 926 loader/excavators are also now D Series, and feature a new, more spacious cab, a Stage IIIA engine, which has a higher torque than the C-series.

The 10 tonne 912 10 features a new, more spacious, ergonomically designed cab, Stage IIIA compliant engine with a larger output and significantly higher torque than in the C-series.

The M1400 and M1700 compact excavators are now C-series2, and feature improved operator comfort, including air conditioning, while the engine suspension is renewed to minimise noise and vibrations, and the machines are equipped with new Stage IIIA engines.

Iveco is planning to present five on-highway trucks aimed at the construction market. These will include a building materials 6x2x4 from the Stralis range that will be displayed as a platform truck for a loading crane, a Trakker AD 8x4x4 with a concrete mixer body, a Trakker AD 6x6 with a concrete mixer body, a Trakker AD 6x6 with three-way tipper and a Trakker AT as a heavy-duty tractor. The company is also planning to show a rigid dumper under its Astra brand.

Italian manufacturer Paload will be showcasing the first wheeled loader in its Skyline Series at Bauma. Details are still sketchy but the company has told CE that the model on show will have an operating weight of 10 tonnes and a bucket capacity of 2,0 m3.

Elsewhere, Terex will be previewing the first of a new range of 2 tonne site dumpers at Bauma. The TA2 range, which consists of eight machines, will eventually replace the existing PS2000 and PT2000. Powered by the same 24,5 kW Kubota water cooled diesel engine used in the outgoing machines, the TA2 range is considerably narrower than the existing models, just 1,49 m, and will be available in a wide range of just 1,49 m, and will be available in a wide range of tipping configurations – elevated and swivel – and transmissions.

Visitors to the show will be able to see the TA2SE, a high discharge, swivel-tip dumper, aimed specifically at smaller contractors and the rental market, which is perfectly matched to the bucket capacity of a mini excavator. All models will have a top speed of 16 km/hour.


Gomaco will be showing its new remote-controlled GT-3400 curb and gutter machine with right- or left-side pour. Also new is its G22 digital control system.

Powered by a 94,7 kW Caterpillar engine, the GT-3400 features an all new three-track footprint with all-track steering. The new footprint features two close tracks on one side and a single track on the other, for tight turning and getting on and off the stringline quickly, while minimising machine length.

With the front track positioned beside the mold and behind the trimmerhead, the GT-3400 is capable of slipforming right up to an object or to the end of the stringline. The trimmerhead simply has to be sideshifted and lifted up out of the way allowing the machine to pave up to the end of the pass. The GT-3400 also uses Gomaco's Hook-and-Go mold mount system, for quick mold changes.

Somero is launching its all-new HoseHog at this year's Bauma. The 9,7 kW HoseHog, is a powerful mechanical hose mover, designed to pick up and move rubber hose on site. It is capable of moving 100 to 125 mm diameter hoses.

Somero's new PowerRake is a one-man, four-wheel drive, ride-on mechanical raking system with a laser controlled, double-sided blade that strikes out wet concrete as it is poured. This significantly reduces the time needed to set up floors for screeding and eliminates the need for hand raking of wet concrete.

Also on display will be the world's first walk behind Laser Screed for grade and above grade flatwork, the CopperHead. This self-propelled laser-guided, two-wheeled machine with a vibrating plow, uses Somero's laser levelling technology to cut the concrete to a finished grade, screed it flat, and vibrate it smooth in one pass.

Schwamborn's SB-Crystal finish is, says the company, a new concept for grinding and high-gloss polishing of concrete- and stone floors. More details will be available at the show.

Schwamborn's DSM 430 and DSM 650 contra-rotating grinding machines, designed especially for removing old markings as well as for grinding and polishing of concrete-, screed- and stone surfaces will also be on show.

Another new machine from Schwamborn is the OMF 250, the first automotive cold milling machine with oscillating chisel-system for concrete and road restoration, according to the company. Powered by a 19,5 kW engine, the ride-on OMF 250 is suitable for the renovation of industrial floors, parking areas, bridges, road construction, frost damage, circular milling of drain manholes, and is capable of working close to the rim. Working width is 250 mm, working depth is 40 mm for asphalt, 30 mm on concrete, while it is capable of milling up to 30 m2/hour.

Scaffold manufacturer Layher will have several new products at Bauma, including its plastic FIPRO Deck. Approved up to load Class 3, including use in standard brick guards, it is available in lengths of 3,07 and 2,57 m. Also new is its lightweight Cassette Roof protective system. Individual cassettes can be removed to allow material to be lifted through the roof.

The company will also be showing its new, user-friendly planning software for façade – either SpeedyScaf or Allround – scaffolding. After entering the ground plan and the project information, the user then defines the scaffolding characteristics and is provided with a scaffolding plan, drawings and a material lists.

Demolition & Recycling

Conjet's new hydrodemolition robot, the Robot 364 MPA, features a rigid design and improved multipurpose arm, which provides up to 6 m upward reach and 5 m to the side, and provides improved accuracy in positioning and holding the feedbeam. It can operate with a reaction force of 2000 N, equivalent to the force of a water jet generated by a 550 kW high pressure water pump.

New features include hydraulically height adjustable steering wheels, the latest in on-board PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems and a new control box to control the hydrodemolition processes.

Extec will be showing a range of new equipment at Bauma, most of which it is keeping under wraps until the show. However, one new machine CE has been told about is its S-6 screen, which is based on its Doublescreen concept.

Consisting of two large screens, long chevron belted side conveyors, the longest tail conveyor in its class, according to the company, and faster running belts, it features a stronger chassis, longer tracks and a larger hopper together with a remote controlled heavy duty tipping grid. The Extec Spreader Plate and Vibrating Grid are also part of the package.

Swiss company Fractum will be showing the latest model in its range of hydraulic hammers at Bauma, the Factum 400, which can be fitted to an excavator or wheeled loader. Suitable for work in quarries and mining applications, the 400 can also be used in steel mills and demolition applications.

In quarry and mining applications the Fractum 400 is capable of breaking boulders of more than 200 tonnes on site, eliminating the problem of oversized rocks in the crusher system. In demolition applications the Factum 400 is suitable for work on breaking slabs, floors, roads, runways, foundations and bunkers. Further details will be available at the show.

Hartl Powercrusher will be showing its HCS 6015 mobile screen. The 6015 is a large screen, double deck plant, 6x1,5 m on both decks, that, according to the company, combines the advantage of a stationary unit with the mobility of a compact plant.

Also on the stand, Hartl Sensortechnik will be presenting its next generation electro-optical beltscale. The new system uses a hand held PDA that receives data via Bluetooth from the sensor. The handheld unit has an integrated printer allowing for on site print outs and productivity checks.

Germany's HKS Demolition and Scrap Technology will be exhibiting the latest scrap and demolition shears in its XS Series, the 7,5 tonne XS 7000, for 50 tonne carriers, and the 9,5 tonne XS 9000, for 60 tonne carriers, both of which feature 360° rotation.

Also on show will be its new RC 26 R mobile rail cutter. Suitable for cutting S7 to R65 Vignol (flat bottom) rails the RC 26 R is capable of rotating 180°.

Holmatro's new hydraulic concrete crusher is suitable for crushing concrete or brick walls up to 200 mm thick. Generating little dust, and powered by a “noiseless” high-pressure hydraulic pump it is suitable for indoor use, while its low vibration means it will not cause White Finger Syndrome, according to the manufacturer.

To help save on transport costs, and address environmental concerns, Italian manufacturer Italdem's crusher buckets can be used in quarries or at demolition/recycling sites and the company will be showing two models at Bauma, the GF 35 and the GF 45.

The GF 35 weighs 3,5 tonnes and is suitable for carriers from 20 to 28 tonnes, while the GF 45 weighs 4,5 tonnes and is suitable for carriers from 28 to 40 tonnes. Working pressure is 180 to 200 bar for both hammers. Feed size for the GF 35 is 800 x 700 mm, and 900 x 700 mm for the GF 45. Output sizes are 30 to 150 mm for both.

Making its debut at Bauma will be Terex Pegson's X400 primary crusher. Two versions are available, the XR400 with hydraulic release and the XA400 with hydraulic adjustment and a throughput of 350 tonnes/hour.

The X400 Series' high-swing jaw allows easy material entry into the crushing chamber, while hydraulic adjustment enables crusher setting changes to be made quickly and easily. The feed hopper is constructed from 15 mm thick heavyduty Hardox for prolonged life and is hydraulically folding with boltless fixing. An easy access power pack canopy; 2000 hour hydraulic and oil filter changes; and excellent under crusher accessibility mean less time spent on maintenance.

Driven by a Caterpillar 172 kW C9 engine, the X400 series is PLC controlled for optimum performance with finger-tip actuation and simple, automatic start sequence. The highly efficient HFO direct drive system engineered into the plant gives remarkably low fuel consumption figures – as little as 22 litres/hour.

VTN will be adding to its range of shears and crushing attachments with the introduction of the FP 15 and FP 18 rotary jaw crushers. According to the company, in structural and operating terms, the new attachments retain all the pluses of the other models in the FP Series, however, their new look is both “muscular” and modern. An interchangeable tip is supplied as standard on both the moving and the fixed jaw versions. Other features include the hydraulic cylinder fitted in reverse position, a new rotation system and hatches, which improves access to the major components and simplifies maintenance work.


Dieci's Pegasus 60.16 is powered by a Perkins 4 cylinder 106 kW diesel engine. Featuring 360° continuous rotation and four hydraulically activated stabilisers, it is both an aerial platform and a crane. Maximum reach is 15,9 m with extendable arm, while maximum capacity is 6 tonnes.

Italian crane manufacturer Effer's 470-8S is a 45 tonne/metre class crane featuring “endless” slewing, decagonal boom profile and a wide variety of fly-jibs for different booms lengths.

Also new is the 585, a 55 tonne/metre crane on three axles. Features include a telescopic boom with decagonal profile, which is available with up to nine hydraulic extensions, giving a horizontal reach of 23,1 m. The model on display will also feature Effer's “Wind & Drive” system, which keeps the fly-jib and winch mounted when the crane is folded during transportation.

Elsewhere, Link-Belt Construction Equipment will be exhibiting with its sister company, HitachiSumitomo at this year's Bauma.

Pride of place on the Link-Belt part of the stand will go to its HTT-8690, 81,6-tonne, all wheel steer telescopic truck terrain crane. Features include a five-section, 42,7-m boom, which requires no greasing as Teflon wear pucks self-lubricate the sections. Maximum tip height is 72,2 m with two 4,9 m lattice inserts between the boom head and the optional 10,7 to 17,7 m, bi-folding lattice.

The standard modular-style counterweight package is 5,22 tonnes. 12, 14,74, and 17,9 tonne packages are optional. The counterweight is lowerable from the cab. Maximum lifting capacity is 81,7 tonnes with 14,7 tonnes of counterweight. Power comes via a 332 kW engine, while a ZF AS-tronic automated transmission, with twelve forward twelve forward and two reverse speeds, takes the power to the wheels.

Crane manufacturer Sennebogen's new 825 D material handler features a completely redesigned undercarriage, with the latest HD axle technology and a two-stage power shift gear stand for exceptional driving dynamics and stability. The 825 D also features a new, maXcab with sliding door, improved rails for easy and safe entry/exit, air suspended seat and air conditioning. The cab also extends 5,9 m for excellent views during operation. Power is provided by a 135 kW 6-cylinder Tier 3/Stage IIIA.

Tower crane manufacturer Fushun Yongmao will launch the latest addition to its European fleet. The STT113 is the smallest of the Yongmao CEapproved range in Europe.

The flat top crane will be erected with a jib around 30 m (maximum is 52,5 m) and stand at 30 m height under hook. The STT113 can lift 6 tonnes to 17 m radius and 1 tonne at the 52,5 m jib end. Maximum free-standing height is 44,8 m, and 130,3 m can be reached with an anchored mast. It can be supplied with fixing angles, cross base or travelling bogies. Operation is from the cab or by remote control.

Other Equipment

Auger Torque Europe will be showing its new “Auger Torque” earth drills, augers and trenching attachments at Bauma. Star of the show will be a unique safety feature on its Earth Drill Unit (commonly known as a Planetary Drive Unit) never before seen in the industry, according to the company.

Many Earth Drill Units feature a drive shaft assembled into the unit from the underside and held in place by an internal lock nut with a splined shaft, which supports the planetary gear. Auger Torque's new designs use a one piece drive shaft complete with planetary gear assembled from the inside of the drive unit with the lock nut on the outside. In this design, if the lock nut lock nut on the outside. In this design, if the lock nut works loose the drive shaft and auger will not fall from the auger drive unit, eliminating a potential hazard. The Earth Drill is available for carriers up to 30 tonnes, including loaders, excavators, backhoes, skidsteer loaders, truck cranes and telehandlers.

New Stump Planers will also be on display, which can also be used with the company's “Auger Torque” Earth Drills. It incorporates a simple but effective three blade design, which ensures easy and safe stump removal at a low revs.

Also on show will be a new range of truck crane drilling attachments, further details of which will be available at the show.

Peter Berghaus's new MPB 1400 quartz controlled traffic signals can be configured in seven languages, and can be upgraded for T-junction or crossroads control as required. All settings are controlled via a coded infrared remote control, which prevents unauthorised usage.

Quartz, manual, continuous red, continuous green, and flashing yellow modes are all possible. The system can also be equipped with LED technology, either in the factory or retrofitted. The robust, lightweight system features rubber tyres for easy transportation.

Russia's largest construction machinery group, Tractor Plants, will be showing products and services from its three trading and service companies: Chetra – Industrial Machinery; Agromashholding; and Chetra – Components and Spare Parts.

Chetra – Industrial Machinery sells and provides after-sales service for off-road tracked vehicles, tractors for industry and forestry and machines for repair work on oil and gas pipelines. At Bauma the company will be presenting a bulldozer, tractor with dozer, ripper and a wheeled loader as examples of the more than 70 models in the Chetra brand product range.

Agromashholding makes, sells and provides after sales service to the agricultural industry, while Chetra – Components and Spare Parts sells spare parts and consumer durables. It will be showing spare parts for tracked machines compatible with almost all known brands.

Hunklinker's P02 paving clamp is suitable for carriers of 2 tonnes and over. Capable of laying pallet layer sizes of 560 to 1280 mm and 900 to 1450 mm, it also features a new adaptor that allows half-setts and half-blocks to be laid, and is equipped with a GKM/VFT system. Control of the systen is via the carrier's hydraulics. carrier's

Hydac's FCU 1000 fluid control unit is designed for temporary measurement of solid particle contamination in hydraulic systems. A portable system, with a sample size of 350 mm2/s, applications include hydraulic systems, service for mobile hydraulics and maintenance.

The company will also be showing a range of oil condition sensors, electronic pressure switches, and a range of components for excavators.

Compressed air system provider Kaeser will be showcasing the successors to its M 12, the M 13 and M 17, which, according to the company, both combine outstanding performance with exceptionally low sound levels.

Also on show will be the M 122, which replaces the M 121 model and features the very latest motor technology, while the new Sigma Control mobil controller will also be on show, and, says the company, represents its innovative control concept for portable compressors.

Rockmore International will be showing the latest version of its Marathon carbide insert for button bits, which, says the company, combines higher hardness properties with longer-lasting performance to handle extreme, abrasive rock-drilling conditions. Marathon carbides employ micro-structural design changes to provide increased hardness while maintaining optimum toughness characteristics that resist catastrophic fracture. Lasting up to +20% longer than its previous designs in water-well and mining environments, it is available for all DTH bits designated for water-well drilling up to 254 mm in diameter, with button sizes up to 17 mm.

Tuchel Maschinenbau will be showing its new BIG bucket broom, which is designed for sweeping work on sites where hopper capacity is important. Available in widths of 1,2 and 2,1 m the 600 mm diameter brush, or broom, is mounted in front of a collector, similar to a bucket. Adjustments in height can be made from inside the cab, while no special tools are needed for mounting/dismounting the tool.

Tuchel also offers an optional “strengthening package”, which includes high wear “lips” made of armour-steel and a Hardox knife, which can be screwed underneath the brush.

Also new on the stand will be the upgraded Tuchel-Trac with boring tool. Powered by a 10,3 kW Kubota engine, the hydraulically steered, three-wheel drive machine has a 350 kg lifting arm, and a quick hitch system that accepts 25 tools, including bucket and forks. The foldable boring tool is particularly suited to ground exploration and well-sinking applications.

Weber MT's Compatrol MSM, the latest development in its continuous compaction control system (CCD) for walk-behind soil compactors, alerts the operator to machine failures and required maintenance work.

If the battery voltage, the engine oil pressure, the air filter restriction, the vibrator frequency or the engine speed are outside of the predetermined tolerance ranges, the corresponding diodes light up on the display to indicate a malfunction. Damages resulting from neglected maintenance or late failure detection can thus be avoided. In addition, a quick repair is possible because the system also indicates the failure location.

Also on show will be the new SRV 620 vibratory tamper, further details of which will be available at the show.

UK-based Watson & Hillhouse will be unveiling what they claim is the first ever static load noise and vibration free hydraulic pile pressing machine capable of driving and extracting both U and Z section piles, the Kowan Still Worker ZU-100

The ZU-100 features dual pile section executions and is also capable of driving the newer wider section sheet piles. The Z pile range is from 575 to 700 mm wide and the U piles from 700 to 750 mm wide. The ZU also has a mast tilting function, a feature that is exclusive to Kowan, and unique to Kowan Still Worker models, according to the company.

At the show

Each of Construction Europe's sister magazines – International Construction, International Cranes & Specialized Transport, Access International, Demolition & Recycling International, International Rental News, American Cranes & Transport, American Lift & Handlers and International Construction China – has produced an in-depth Show Guide for their relevant sectors, and these will all be available from KHL's stand, B3, 301, at the show.

We look forward to meeting you there for what promises to be “the most exciting show on earth!”

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