BBA's story

17 March 2008

BBA was founded in 1953 for the production of pipes and quick couplings for customers in the Netherlands. The original company later reformed itself into the BBA Group, specialising in manufacturing, selling and servicing pump equipment.

With its production facility in Apeldoorn and a sales and service base in Doetinchem, further east in the Netherlands, the company also has branch offices in the Czech Republic and Poland, as well as a worldwide distributor network.

In addition to its own piston pumps, self-priming and normal-priming centrifugal pumps, vacuum assisted pumps and gear pumps, BBA is also a dealer for Pumpex and Tsurumi submersible pumps in the Netherlands.

BBA can't sell these submersibles outside of the Netherlands, so in January this year it acquired AFEC Europe, the Netherlands-based European distributor for Taiwan's AFEC submersible pumps. BBA can now offer AFEC submersibles throughout Europe, as well as in the Netherlands.

BBA's main market is Europe, but it also has outlets in Australia and the Middle East and is now looking to expand in the US.

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