Beyel Brothers puts AC 250 to work

By Laura Hatton19 August 2013

The AC 250-1 at the water tower project at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida

The AC 250-1 at the water tower project at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Crane and rigging company Beyel Brothers in the USA used a Terex AC 250 all terrain crane to carry out support work on the Disney Dream cruise ship.

The Disney Dream has 14 decks and measures 38.1 metres wide. The job consisted of installing panels weighing 9 tonnes on the exhaust stacks of the ship and setting a radar dome for satellite communication.

For the lifts the 6-axle AC 250-1 was configured with 80 m main boom and full counterweight. In total, the AC 250-1 performed 25 lifts between positioning the panels, placing the radar dome and lifting pallets of material to the work area, a company spokesperson said. With the job on the cruise ship completed, the crane was transferred back to a water tower project at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where it had been used to carry out repair work on the tower’s bracing, lights, maintenance ladder and handrails.

For most of the project, which consisted of replacing the clevis and pin bracing in between the tower and the frame, the crane was once again configured without a jib. An 18.9 m jib, however, was added to the end of the main boom so the crane could carry out work on top of the water tower, which was 80.2 m high. An assist crane on site was used to help with jib set up.

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